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Hotfix: risolti dei fastidiosi bug delle Missioni

Il 24 Aprile sono stati applicati i seguenti hotfix:

Blizzard Entertainment ha scritto

April 24


Class Halls

  • Players who have unlocked multiple Challenge appearances for their Artifacts will no longer see more than one of them on top of each other in their Class Halls.


  • Players should be able to transmogrify tabards to the appearance of the Legionfall Tabard.
  • Butcher’s Bone Apron should no longer provide a benefit that persists in unintended circumstances.

Player versus Player

  • Fixed a bug that was causing some players to become invulnerable in instanced PvP.
  • The quest “Something Different” now requires 1 brawl victory (was 3 brawl completions).
    • The quest now rewards a Soldier’s Legacy Artifact Power token, 3 Marks of Honor, and a Brawler’s Footlocker.


  • Corrine the Deceiver should now respawn as expected when killed on the quest “Cult Culling”.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing errors opening Stolen Crates during “Arming the Army”.
  • “Full Fel” now correctly awards quest credit.
  • Resolved issues where some Paladins were not able to obtain the letter starting the Maximillian questline.
  • A certain Escape Rope in a secret treasure cave is now easier to see. It’s dark in there!

April 21

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