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    Warcraft III continua a ricevere aggiornamenti! In quest'ultima patch, i client del gioco base e dell'espansione sono stati uniti in un unico programma e sono stati risolti diversi problemi.

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    Well Met Warlords,

    Patch 1.28.4 is live.

    The patch focuses on distribution and installation in the continuing effort to promote stability and improve Warcraft III’s pipeline. These changes fix myriad issues introduced from the migration to the modern game launcher.

    Specific Changes & Improvements

    • Game turn rate adjusted to match LAN settings of 12 turns per second
    • New installers available for PC and Mac
    • Consolidated Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne into one game executable and one World Editor
    • Toggle added to main menu to switch between Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne
    • Added memory to relaunch the game version that was closed during the prior play session

    Bug Fixes

    • File paths containing non-Latin characters will now function normally
    • Entering windowed fullscreen will no longer minimize the game
    • Data that escaped the Polish mopaq was found and convinced it is necessary for an optimal gameplay experience

    Known Issue

    • Consolidating to one executable breaks existing game shortcuts


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3 commenti
  • Kònàn 21 giugno 2017, 14:50 Kònàn
    BattleTag: Konan#2249
    Messaggi: 507

    Nitimur in vetitum semper, cupimusque negata.
    Yay, finalmente un unico client, ci hanno messo solo quattordici anni. Meglio quasi mai che mai. 5
  • Jabbawock 22 giugno 2017, 21:29 Jabbawock
    BattleTag: Jabbawock#2814
    Messaggi: 4

    Iscritto il: 23 ottobre 2015, 13:12

    E stasera WC3 :)
  • BulletHead 27 giugno 2017, 01:35 BulletHead
    Messaggi: 937

    ma quindi adesso posso anche solo scaricare frozen throne avendo registrato si WC3 base che l'exp nel profilo b.net ? 0
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