• È con gran dispiacere che apprendiamo che Russel Brower, Senior Director of Audio e Lead Composer, ha deciso di lasciare l'azienda dopo oltre 12 anni di impiego, in cui ha composto e firmato le colonne sonore di praticamente tutti i giochi Blizzard dell'ultimo decennio.

    In un post sul suo account facebook personale, Brower ha spiegato la sua decisione puntando il dito sulla "decentralizzazione del sound design" attuata da Blizzard negli ultimi anni, che ha portato alla cancellazione della sua posizione. Essenzialmente questo significa che molto del lavoro sonoro attuale e futuro sarà svolto da freelancer e non più solo da dipendenti interni. In ogni caso, Brower continuerà a collaborare con Blizzard proprio come freelancer.

    Da parte nostra gli auguriamo ogni bene e lo ringraziamo per le meravigliose colonne sonore che ci ha regalato in questi anni.

    Russell Brower ha scritto

    To anyone familiar with my work at #Blizzard,

    It’s with a heavy heart that I post this status update, but as they say, “all good things…”

    I’m extremely proud of the amazingly talented team I helped build and the creative output we’ve accomplished together over these past 12 years. As the company has grown, the topography of the Sound team has adjusted accordingly, and the last couple of years have been no exception. With the success of a “sound de-centralization” initiative, my current position of overall Sr. Audio Director/Composer is no longer relevant and is being eliminated.

    Today is my last day, though there is an excellent chance I will continue to contribute to Blizzard’s projects as a freelance composer. Obviously, I have a lot to figure out, so I do not have any further information to share as to what I will be doing next….yet. (Except for my solo album— that is well under way; stay tuned!)

    I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to EVERYONE reading this: all of our Players, Music Lovers, and the countless new friends I’ve made worldwide, for the incredible and indelible life experiences I have enjoyed while at Blizzard. Especially the Players— each of you have truly enriched our lives by playing our games, meeting us at #BlizzCon and #Nerdtacular, attending our music concerts the world over, enjoying our soundtrack albums and sheet music— the list goes on and on. We have so much to be proud of and I am truly grateful to each of you and to all my Blizzard colleagues for putting up with me over the last 12 years and teaching me so much.

    I look forward to staying in touch with ALL of you, be it here on FaceBook, Twitter (handle-change coming up), and at future concerts (actually I have several #VGL shows still to come this year in Europe, China and Brazil.)

    WATCH THIS SPACE for news of my solo album, the first track of which I just recorded in June with 51 of the FINEST studio musicians in Los Angeles!!! #AFM #Local47 FTW!

    Wishing each of you all my best, with tons of gratitude,

    Russell Brower
    a.k.a. RB

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    “War is our sculptor. And we are prisoners to its design.”
    - Javik [Mass Effect 3]
    Peccato, le musiche di Bowder sono sempre state tra le cose più belle di WoW imho, tra le sue e quelle di Neal Acree non so quali mi diano più emozione, sicuramente entrambe però.
    La buona notizia è che continuerá a collaborare come freelancer, quindi non è proprio un vero addio
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