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    Nella prossima build del PTR della patch 7.1.5 saranno introdotte altre modifiche di bilanciamento alle classi, specie per il Cacciatore e il Cavaliere della Morte.

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    Death Knight

    An upcoming PTR hotfix (unsure of timing) will increase the damage of Portal to the Underworld and proc rate of Armies of the Damned.

    One other set of changes is meant to help free up a little space in the rotation, or at least get back to the point where you're not frequently wasting resources due to not having enough time to spend them all. We're reducing a few effects that inject large amount of resources into the rotation (such as Pestilent Pustules) and increasing overall damage slightly. The net result is that people playing busy builds like Castigator/Pestilent Pustules/Infected Claws will likely still be using most or all of their global cooldowns on abilities, but will less often be in a state where they ignore or overcap Runic Power.



    An upcoming PTR hotfix will increase the proc rate of Marking Targets significantly. Our expectation is that in stationary situations, it should be straightforward to have a Vulnerable ready when you need or want to spend Focus on Aimed Shot, and the primary factor in full or near-full Aimed Shot effectiveness is good Focus management. In addition, a Vulnerable window that's ineffective due to movement, freshly spawned targets, or similar issues will be much less punishing.

    We are also testing a subtle change that should address one of the flow issues that's been discussed. If Marking Targets appears very shortly (a split-second) before an Arcane Shot or Multi-Shot cast, it will no longer be consumed by the cast. When you're using Arcane Shot to build focus on a target that's Marked, if Marking Targets lights up, you will more reliably be able to react and cast Marked Shot, rather than overwriting the Mark with a new one.


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