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    Dopo la chiusura della Stagione 6 PvP di Legion avvenuta questo martedì, la scorsa notte è già stata attivata la stagione successiva, la settima. La novità principale di questa Stagione 7 è l'aggiunta del nuovo campo di battaglia Spiaggia Ribollente fra quelli classificati.

    Inoltre, in seguito al feedback ricevuti dai giocatori, i set elite della Stagione 6 saranno resi disponibili per l'acquisto tramite hotfix prima di quanto previsto (la fine della Stagione 7).

    Blizzard Entertainment ha scritto

    La Stagione 7 PvP di Legion è iniziata: arene e campi di battaglia sono pronti a ospitare tutti i contendenti. Inoltre, la Spiaggia Ribollente è stata inserita nella lista dei campi di battaglia classificati.

    Stagione 6 – Promemoria sulle ricompense di fine stagione

    Se hai partecipato alla Stagione 6, per essere sicuro di ricevere le ricompense che ti sono dovute, ricorda quanto segue:

    • Non trasferire i tuoi personaggi su un altro reame o in un'altra fazione fino alla distribuzione delle ricompense della Stagione 5.
    • L'assegnazione dei titoli e delle cavalcature per la Stagione 6 di Legion avverrà circa due settimane dopo la fine della suddetta stagione.

    Ricompense di fazione

    Non dimenticare che le ricompense di fine stagione si riferiscono alla fazione alla quale appartieni. Se trasferisci il tuo personaggio nella fazione opposta, dovrai ottenere almeno 50 vittorie dopo il trasferimento e prima della fine della stagione per ricevere la ricompensa. Devi ottenere almeno 150 vittorie per i set del Gladiatore e del Gladiatore Dominante.

    Arene e campi di battaglia ti attendono!

    Blizzard Entertainment ha scritto

    Hey All -

    I am posting this here instead of the arena forums for visibility. PvP gear in legion has been a sore spot for the whole expansion, but season 6 has kind of been the culmination, since it was staggered with a raid release (making pvp gear ilevels dramatically below comparable pve content; ironic since the only thing that matters in a pvp instance is ilevel), and it shares elite set appearance with S7, which will last until BFA pre-patch.

    The issue at hand now, at season end, is the elite ensembles. Their stated policy is that they do not release the ensembles to vendors until the ensemble is no longer the current skin. Since S7 ensembles will be the same as S5/6 ensembles, they're not going to be released to the vendors to be buyable by those who achieved s5/6 elite. This is frustrating for a lot of us, because that means we will not have access to our rewards until the expansion is virtually over. It would be less frustrating if the elite sets were less RNG and generally more attainable during a season, but..

    • 2k is duelist range (top 3% of a bracket that is ~60k players) for at least 12/16 weeks of the season.

    • It doesn't become accessible for rivals (top 10% of the bracket) until the last month or so once the season has gone long enough and rating has inflated to that point.

    • Random drops over 2k are not elite

    • 9 of the possible 17 slot pieces that can drop in your guaranteed elite weekly (once you're over 2k) are not visible set pieces, making it possible to be 2k+ for an entire season and still never complete your set because of unlucky rng. (some of the people on the front page of the pvp leaderboard still don't have the full set)

    In previous expansions where gear was bought with currency, people could save currency and purchase entire sets when they hit the rating required for that set. IMO, releasing the set at the end of the season to those who hit the cutoff should be the compromise to alleviate that. However, their stated intent is to not release them in this way while they're still current drops so that there is an exclusive reward for people playing in the next season, since they're the same skin. IMO, that is unsatisfactory. Exclusive rewards are great, but if that's going to be the mentality, each season needs to have its own set. At least a recolor. The system was poorly thought out from the get-go, and the players should not be punished for it.

    Looking into this guys! Thanks for the feedback, however please do not jump into other threads and derail them as that is something that is against the Code of Conduct. We've been seeing this post throughout the morning and have been tracking it. While we don't have an answer to really give you guys at the moment, we are actively speaking with development and will share any information that we get when we can.

    Hey guys! We've spoken to the development team and we're currently planning to release the ensembles sooner rather than later via a hotfix. We don't have an exact timeline just yet of when this will happen, but its something we will hopefully have out sooner than the end of the season.

    We have a generalized timeline right now internally but its met with the usual caveats of development. The hotfix has to be created, then tested, then pushed to the live servers, and verified that it does work. So Development and QA have to find room to squeeze this in an already full schedule.

    We don't like giving timelines unless we're 110% sure because literally anything can happen. i.e. hotfix doesn't work, schedules shift around etc.

    TL;DR: Soon™ is a real thing sometimes!

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