• Se voi o i vostri amici avete già trovato nella posta le ricompense dell'ultima stagione PvP di Mists of Pandaria, si tratta di un errore. Al prossimo reset dei server, nella manutenzione di mercoledì prossimo, tali ricompense saranno rimosse e restituite via posta. Siccome Blizzard non ha ancora finito di controllare la ladder e le partite giocate per individuare giocatori che hanno ottenuto vittorie in modo non onesto, si potrà ricevere una ricompensa migliore se vi saranno state squalifiche.

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    Due to an error, some end-of-season rewards started to go out after today's maintenance. This was unintentional, as we haven't finished scrubbing the ladders for players that need to be disqualified. We stopped the process as soon as we realized what was happening, but some players did end up getting some end-of-season rewards, as you've noticed.

    We're going to remove those rewards, and with next week's restarts we'll be able to properly hand them out. If you're one of the players who's already received one, one of three things will happen:
    • You'll get the same reward again next week,
    • You'll get a better reward next week, due to players above you on the ladder being disqualified,
    • You'll get no reward, because you're a filthy cheater who shouldn't have gotten one in the first place.

    Hope that helps clear things up :)
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