• Nella giornata di ieri Blizzard ha aggiornato la propria policy di moderazione del gioco, includendo fra i comportamenti sanzionabili la pubblicità di compravendita di servizi nelle descrizioni dello strumento di Ricerca Gruppo e segnalabile attraverso una futura opzione nella funzione di reporting.

    Questo divieto si è reso necessario per mantenere la funzione originaria dello strumento in questione, in parte snaturata dal continuo spam di compravendita di servizi in gioco in cambio di Oro o valuta reale, che rendevano decisamente fastidiosa la ricerca di un gruppo.

    Ythisens ha scritto

    As part of our ongoing efforts to crack down on in-game advertising, we’ll be implementing some policy changes with how we handle moderation for advertisements made through the in-game Group Finder, and wanted to give you a heads up before these policies are put into place.

    Beginning Monday, July 2nd, we will no longer allow any advertisements in the Group Finder for in-game services such as carries or boosts, including those being offered in exchange for in-game gold. The Group Finder is intended for -- as the name suggests -- finding groups, and these advertisements make it difficult to find active groups that are currently being formed. Additionally, these are often used as a cover for real-money sales, particularly given that in-game gold cannot be transferred cross-realm.

    Note that this does not change our policy on selling things such as raid carries for in-game gold. Those are still allowed, but should be advertised through realm-specific methods such as trade chat.

    We’ll be adding an “advertisement” option to the Group Finder’s right-click reporting function with Patch 8.0, but in the meantime, they can be reported using the “spam” option. Thank you for your understanding, and for helping us keep the Group Finder clear of unwanted advertisements.

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