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    Durante la notte è stato attivato il PTR della prossima major patch di Legion, la Tomba di Sargeras. Al momento il reame di prova non ha molti contenuti, ma il datamining effettuato da Wowhead ha già rivelato qualcosa di interessante. Ricordate però che come per tutti i PTR, nulla è definitivo.

    Ecco una lista delle principali novità in arrivo con la 7.2:
    • Nuova incursione: la Tomba di Sargeras;
    • Nuova spedizione: la Cattedrale della Notte Eterna;
    • Nuova zona: Riva Dispersa;
    • Assalti della Legione nelle Isole Disperse;
    • Sblocco del volo nelle Isole tramite Imprese;
    • Cavalcature volanti delle Classi;
    • Risse PvP;
    • Spedizioni per le Mascotte;
    • Nuovi tratti per l'Artefatto, nuove Reliquie e modelli;
    • Altri bilanciamenti per il contenuto già presente.

    Qui trovate tutte le notizie sulla patch 7.2 pubblicate negli scorsi mesi.

    Note della patch 7.2
    Blizzard Entertainment ha scritto

    Patch 7.2 is now available for testing on the Public Test Realms (PTR). Participating on the Public Test Realms allows you to test a patch before it is released on live realms. Once you've had a chance to try things out, visit our PTR Discussion 7.2 forum to discuss the patch. To report issues or errors, use the in-game Submit Bug feature (found under Game Menu -> Help -> Submit Bug) or by visiting the PTR Bug Report 7.2 forum.

    • More features are coming! New information for 7.2 features that are still in-development will be added soon.
    • Please keep in mind that the notes below are not final, and details may be subject to change before the release of Patch 7.2.
    • Not all content listed in the PTR Patch Notes may be available for testing. Content may have a limited test window.

    New Features

    Demon Assaults
    The Burning Legion is assaulting Azeroth with renewed determination. Look for Broken Isles zones to come under attack, fight to drive the Legion back, and defend the lands of your new allies.

    Pet Battle Dungeon
    Something nefarious is going on in the world of pet battles, and it’s up to you to look into it. If you have at least one level 25 battle pet, speak to Breanni in Dalaran to get directions to this new scenario.

    Updated Features

    Transmogrification Sets
    A new ‘Sets’ tab in the Appearances UI is where you’ll find this new way of tracking item sets from previous Raids, PvP Seasons, and more.

    Class Combat Updates
    The launch of Legion included many updates to class animations, sounds, and spell effects. These will continue in Patch 7.2 with updates to Hunters, Death Knights, and Balance Druids. More are on the way!

    Legion Reputation Updates
    Reputation earned beyond Exalted will now contribute towards earning additional rewards from Broken Isles faction emissaries.

    Tab Targeting
    In Patch 7.2, tab targeting should feel more natural. While in combat, you will no longer be able to accidentally tab to a target that is out of combat with you. Furthermore, you’re no longer able to tab to a target that neither your character nor your camera can see. This is very much a work-in-progress, and your feedback is greatly appreciated.


    • The Obliterum Forge should now always be available to players, and requires no questline.
    • All item level 815 crafted end-game gear will now be crafted at item level 835.
    • All existing items between item levels 815-830 will retain their existing item level. The first application of Obliterum will bring them up to 840, and the Obliterum cap has been increased to iLvl 875.
    • Some World Quests that are related to Professions now reward 1 skill point in their associated Profession.
    • Archaeology
      • You can now get Artifact Power from Archaeology.
      • New Elite digsites have been discovered in the Broken Isles.
      • All enemies summoned by Archaeology can now be killed by multiple nearby players.
    • Cooking
      • Nomi now provides Prepared Ingredients as part of his work orders, which can be combined to create up to 10 servings of a random recipe known by the player.

    User Interface

    • You can now assign a specialization to an equipment set in the Equipment Manager.
    • An “Open All” button has been added to the mailbox.
    • You can now preview an ensemble set by CTRL-clicking it.
    • Spellbook
      • Spells that haven’t been moved to an action bar are highlighted in the spellbook.
      • Mousing over a spell highlights it on your action bar, making it easier to locate.
      • Pet spells can now be dragged onto the player action bar.
    • Quick Join
      • Auto Accept: A setting has been added to allow friends and guild members to instantly join your queues without a confirmation. This setting is located in Interface Options -> Social.
      • Group tooltips now show the available roles and if auto accept is enabled.
      • Right click a Quick Join group to whisper a member of that group.



    Dungeons and Raids

    • Enemies’ damage and health have been increased for all Heroic and Mythic dungeons, and the item levels of gear found in Legion Dungeons has been increased.
    • All Random Heroic dungeons now requires 825 item level to queue.
    • Lower Karazhan and Upper Karazhan have been added to the Random Legion Heroic list in Dungeon Finder.
    • The Arcway and Court of Stars have been added to the Random Legion Heroic list in Dungeon Finder.


    • Set tokens for all raids from Serpentshrine to Siege of Orgrimmar have been updated to provide loot for your spec on right-click, in the same manner as newer raid set tokens. The vendor functionality of these items has not been changed.


    • Warrior
      • Charge (and Intercept) now deals damage on arrival, and its snare begins after you hit your target.

    World Quests

    • Broken Isles World Quest rewards now scale to item level 860 (was item level 845).

    We’ll outline many more changes and additions to the World of Warcraft Patch 7.2 PTR in the coming weeks.

    Lore ha scritto

    Welcome to the Patch 7.2 PTR! As we’re just getting our 7.2 public test phase underway, we’d like to give you some context into what you’ll see (and won’t see) in this first build.

    Most of Patch 7.2’s major content isn’t enabled in this build – that’ll be coming in a few weeks. Our primary testing focus for this build will be Demon Assaults, as well as general game stability (e.g. crashes). 7.2’s Pet Battle Dungeon should also be available for testing.

    There’s a few other things of note that are enabled for initial testing in this build, but be aware that many of them are still heavily under development:

    • Transmog Item Sets: This is an update to the Transmogrification System that tracks the progress and collections of Raid and PVP item sets, and we’d love your feedback on it.
    • Tab targeting improvements: We’re hard at work making some improvements to this feature, and have a few updates in this build that should make tab targeting feel more natural. Please let us know what you think!
    • Some updated visual effects for Hunters, Death Knights, and Balance Druids: This is still very much in a work-in-progress state, but we’re making a few improvements to the look and feel of these classes, and want to hear your feedback.

    You may also start to see some bits and pieces of an improvement we’re making to PvP gearing in 7.2 through the Obliterum Forge (which will no longer require completing a quest chain to unlock). The intent of this system is to allow players who have received multiple pieces of unwanted gear to exchange them for a piece of their choosing. It’s not yet ready for testing, but it’s on the way.

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