• In data 5 Aprile sono stati applicati alcuni hotfix, tra cui la rimozione dell'impresa Difensore delle Isole Disperse dall'elenco delle imprese necessarie per l'ottenimento di Ricognitore delle Isole Disperse, Parte Due.

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    April 5



    • The "Defender of the Broken Isles" achievement is no longer required as part of the Legion Pathfinder, Part Two meta-achievement.

    Developers’ notes: The rotating Legion Assault schedule is designed to have them active at varying times of day over the course of a given week, to accommodate different work schedules and available free time. We're hesitant to have an Assault last for too long, because they stomp on the entire World Quest content of a given zone for the duration, potentially leaving players with nothing to do there once the Assault is complete. But this design doesn't mesh well with an important achievement that requires completion of all four zones - if anything, it causes stress over scheduling and potentially missing specific zones during the cycle. The Defender achievement was never intended to be a major obstacle on the path to flight in the Broken Isles; its inclusion was more for thematic purposes and completeness. As such, we're removing it from the meta-achievement required to unlock flying.

    Artifact Challenges

    • Arcane Mages can no longer use an immunity, such as Ice Block, to remove Arcane Biology.
    • Fixed a bug that was preventing some players from being ported back to the mage tower when leaving the scenario.


    • While the Assault in Azsuna is active, Prince Farondis should now be visible to eligible players in Farondale.
    • Vile Soulwardens in Val'sharah are no longer hesitant to engage in combat.
    • Spires of Dread can no longer suffer damage from players' AoE abilities, and they no longer turn to face nearby players.
    • Jarod Shadowsong will now appear for players at the base of Black Rook Hold if they leave the terrace before completing "Battle for Val'sharah".
    • Drol'maz will now respawn even if his Dark Ritualists were not killed with him.
    • Destruction of Fel Spreaders will now grant group credit for “Defense of Emerald Bay”.
    • Fixed a bug where players were not receiving quest credit if they were in a raid group during the intro Legion Assault quests.

    Broken Shore

    • The Sentinax should no longer advertise that it is finished recharging when it hasn't.


    • Druid
      • Fixed a bug that caused a Druid to sometimes be disconnected when casting Typhoon.

    Dungeons and Raids

    • The Nighthold
      • Skorpyron
        • Resolved an issue in which Arcanoslash could place an Arcane Tether on a non-struck tank target.


    • Royal Dagger Haft now absorbs the intended amount of damage. For Brewmaster Monks, this absorb amount is always counted after Stagger has reduced the damage.

    Player versus Player

    • Death Knight
      • Ice Block can now be cast by the Death Knight after being copied by Dark Simulacrum.


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