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    Il giorno 12 Dicembre sono stati applicati i seguenti hotfix;

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    December 12


    • Demon Hunter
      • Vengeance Demon Hunters now correctly generate Pain when damaged by certain abilities.


    Dungeons and Raids

    • Seat of the Triumvirate
      • Players may now complete "Seat of the Triumvirate: The Crest of Knowledge" while in a raid group.
    • Antorus, The Burning Throne
      • Corrected an issue where raids that queued for LFR difficulty could fail to get loot.
      • Garothi Worldbreaker
        • The damage reduction from Apocalypse Drive and from a Druid’s Earthwarden can now activate during the Garothi Worldbreaker encounter.
      • Hounds of Sargeras
        • Resolved an issue that could cause multiple tank-specialization characters to gain Shadowtouched (or Flametouched) simultaneously.
      • Portal Keeper Hasabel
        • Traversing any of the portals within Portal Keeper Hasabel's arena no longer removes your Well Fed buff.
      • Varimathras
        • [WITH SERVER RESTARTS IN EACH REGION] Varimathras' health lowered by 10% in Mythic difficulty.
        • [WITH SERVER RESTARTS IN EACH REGION] Necrotic Embrace will no longer miss players who are under the effects of Aspect of the Turtle or Cloak of Shadows.


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