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    Il giorno 16 Agosto sono stati applicati i seguenti hotfix, insieme ad un importante bilanciamento per i Guerrieri Armi riguardante la loro Maestria:

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    August 16, 2018

    Azerite Gear

    • Fixed an issue where Ruinous Bolt would sometimes damage enemies that the player was not in combat with.



    • Warrior
    • Arms
      • 1 point of Mastery now increases Deep Wounds damage by 10% (was 1%).
      • Damage of all Arms abilities decreased by 14%. This excludes Arms Azerite Traits.

    Creatures and NPCs

    • Da White Shark has turned a new leaf and has fully renounced the fighting tactic of beating someone with another person's body.
    • Players should now always be able to see the reward treasure chest after defeating Da White Shark in the Grand Bazaar.
    • Slickspill in Stormsong should now be much easier to loot.
    • John J. Keeshan has decided to once again wield his old bow instead of the bow of a certain warchief.


    • Fixed a bug where a group of players below level 110, when partied with a level 110 player in a Legion dungeon, would receive heavily reduced experience.
    • Fixed an issue that caused Alliance players who had completed The Pride of Kul Tiras to be unable to access Siege of Boralus.
    • Fixed an issue that caused Horde players who hadn’t completed Zandalar Forever to be able to access Kings’ Rest.
    • Clarified the error messages shown when attempting to zone in to Kings’ Rest or Siege of Boralus without meeting the requirements.



    • Salty Dog Crackers are now consumed on use.
    • The Stormsteel Saber now has a level requirement of 120.

    Player versus Player

    • Steel Strongboxes now drop Dread Aspirant gear for all valid armor slots during the offseason.
    • Factionally-aligned guards should no longer attack you for attacking members of the opposite faction.
    • Call to Arms: Vol'Dun will now correctly count Horde players slain while in Vol'Dun.


    • The Forgotten Techniques of Kul Tiras/Zandalar items now properly restore recipes that were learned and subsequently unlearned.
    • Fixed a bug preventing some Draenor profession books from properly teaching all introductory recipes.
    • Archaeology
      • Digsites in the Port of Zem’lan are no longer partially obscured from view.
    • Cooking
      • Crafting Swamp Fish'n Chips should now give credit towards the achievements "The Zandalari Menu" and "The Kul Tiran Menu".
    • Fishing
      • Akan now teaches Battle for Azeroth Fishing.


    • Fixed a bug that caused a few Tortollan quests in Stormsong Valley from awarding Tortollan reputation as intended.
    • Completing "All Laid Out for Us" now awards its part of the Stormsong and Dance achievement.
    • Upon accepting “Back to the Lab”, Raimond Mildehnall will no longer attempt to fight every enemy he sees while returning to the basement.
    • Fixed an issue where the Lightforged Warframe used during "Dawn of Justice" was weaker than intended.
    • Felecia Gladstone will now offer the remainder of her quests in Warfang Hold only once all her tasks for the Saltstone Mine have been completed.
    • When unlocking World Quests in Zandalar and Kul’Tiras, Halford Wyrmbane or Nathanos Blightcaller will now give you a fresh Flight Master's Whistle if you left yours in the bank.
    • Players are no longer stuck after abandoning “Into the Dunes” mid-flight.
    • Scout Mckellis is now available at the turn-in location for "Powder to the People" and "One Man Against the Horde".
    • "Wanted: Anchorface" should now be available to Alliance players before they unlock World Quests.
    • "Wiccaphobia" should now proceed as expected for players who group up with other players on the quest.
    • Players may now complete "Spell Bound" after first completing "So Long, Sister".
    • Lucille Waycrest should no longer disappear for some players on "Of Myth and Fable”.
    • Eligible party members now receive Azerite along with “Azerite Mining” quest credit when a member of the party interacts with an Azerite node.


    • Fixed a bug preventing some Inns from granting rested experience to characters in War Mode.
    • The Royal Treasury in Dazar’Alor is now flagged as a rested area.
    • The second floor of the Snug Harbor Inn is now flagged as a rested area.
    • The Flight Master's Whistle can now be used on the non-dungeon island of Tol Dagor.
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