• Il giorno 21 Agosto sono stati applicati i seguenti hotfix:

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    August 21, 2018


    • Players who previously chose Pa'ku can now complete Raptari Rider after switching their loa to Gonk.

    Azerite Powers

    • Fixed an issue with Excoriate (Demonology) where gaining multiple stacks of Demonic Core at once provided no additional benefit.


    • Waycrest Manor
      • Fixed a bug where Raal the Gluttonous would not cast Tenderize in certain situations.
      • Matron Alma's Dread Mark should no longer target pets.

    Island Expeditions

    • Resolved an issue that could sometimes cause players to not receive full rewards for winning an Island Expedition.


    • Incessantly Ticking Clock procs now scale properly with item level.
    • Razzdunk's Big Red Button meteor damage increased by 248%.

    Pet Battles

    • Winning a PvP Pet Battle will now properly reward Polished Pet Charms.


    • Fixed an issue where players who were eligible to unlock an Allied Race were unable to start associated quests.
    • Fixed an issue preventing multiple players at a time from completing "What Remains of Marshal M. Valentine".

    World Quests

    • Fixed a bug which made "A Chilling Encounter" show up incorrectly.
    • Spineleaf will no longer disappear when defeated for "What Do You Mean, Mind Controlling Plants?".
    • The Abyssal Beacon should no longer disappear from the player's inventory after death during "Light in the Darkness".
    • “Walking in a Spiderweb” should no longer despawn some enemies before they can be looted.
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