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    In data 14 e 15 Settembre sono stati risolti i seguenti problemi, fra cui un bug che permetteva a chi aeva già ottenuto un leggendario di trovarne un secondo troppo facilmente:

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    We’ve identified and hotfixed an issue that could cause Legion legendary items to drop more frequently than intended, if a player had already received their first legendary.

    Thanks to everyone who reported this - the ability to look at specific cases where this was and wasn’t happening was invaluable for isolating what exactly was causing this bug to occur.

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    September 15






    • The Restoration Druid artifact trait Power of the Archdruid will now correctly always spread Regrowth to additional targets when you cast Regrowth instead of sometimes spreading Rejuvenation.


    • Soothing Mist cast from the Monk’s Jade Serpent Statue should cancel on targets farther than 60 yards from the statue.
    • (Windwalker) The Tornado Kicks Artifact trait will no longer sometimes reduce your first Rising Sun Kick damage.


    • Players who use the Portal to the Maelstrom instead of the Astral Gate to the Maelstrom will now be granted credit for "The Voice of Thunder" quest.
    • Bodyguard: Rehgar Earthfury now correctly makes Ghost Wolf move at 100% extra speed (was 130%).


    • Rampage weapon trails now show for every swing of rampage regardless of whether the weapon was sheathed.

    Class Halls

    • Druids who abandoned either "Essence of Balance" or "Essence of Regrowth" should now be able to reaccept the quests by returning to the Emerald Dreamway.
    • Druids should now receive Naralex or Zen'tabra after entering their order halls.


    • Players are now able to summon other players into Mythic dungeons as long as the player being summoned meets the requirements of the dungeon.
    • Eye of Azshara
      • Restless Tides now cast Imprisoning Bubble and Undertow correctly when more than one player is in melee with them.


    • Identified and fixed an issue that could cause Legion legendary items to drop more frequently than intended if a player had already received their first legendary.
    • Coins caught in the Dalaran Fountain are now Bind on Pickup.
    • Jeweled Signet of Melandrus now correctly increases the damage of Auto Shot for Hunters.
    • Stabilized Energy Pendant no longer causes resources to drain when the player changes zones.


    • Players are no longer able to use the Bribe and Mind Control abilities on Ysera.


    • Cooking
      • Players who have previously killed Myonix should be able to acquire the Leybarbeque Ribs recipe on subsequent kills.
    • Enchanting
      • Fixed an issue where some epic quality items awarded from world quests provided incorrect disenchant materials.
      • Enchant Cloak – Gift of Critical Strike, Enchant Cloak – Gift of Haste, Enchant Cloak – Gift of Mastery, and Enchant Cloak – Gift of Versatility now increase the player’s movement speed by 2% (was 10%).
        • Developers’ Notes: In fights where movement speed is important, Draenor cloak enchants (which reward run speed) were outperforming the best Legion cloak enchants (which do not).  To protect enchanters from having to farm Draenor materials, we've reduced the run speed bonus on Draenor cloak enchants to 2%. We feel that cloak enchants aren’t the ideal place for run speed enhancements, and we will continue to look at interesting run speed options as the expansion continues.


    • PvP World Quests should have rewards restored for Prestiged players.
    • Hired Underbelly Guards should be much less likely to leave you.
    • Warrior
      • Pain Train now provides a Battle Cry to all nearby allies that increases critical strike by 30%.


    • The Lightning Rod cannot be used on the same mob multiple times during the World Quest “Electrosnack”.
    • "Shallow Graves" should now appear at all times for players on the quest "A Grisly Task".
    • Guardian Druids should no longer be prevented from completing "When Dreams Become Nightmares" when looting the Claws of Ursoc.
    • Fixed a bug that caused some players on "Cry Thunder!" to be forced to get their dragon killed to be able to dismount.
    • On “Shrine of the Truthguard”, players who navigate to Dalaran by using their Dalaran Hearthstone, regular Hearthstone, or by getting ported, will receive the “Return to Dalaran” objective and become able to turn in the quest to Lord Maxwell Tyrosus.
    • The Mining World Quest “Leyworms” now requires 10 Leystone-Encrusted Spikes (was 40).
    • Valewalker Farodin should now properly tell his story during the quest "Fragments of Disaster."
    • In Maw of Souls, Ymiron’s Broken Blade now drops on Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulties for Warriors who have completed "Champions of Skyhold".
    • Hunters are now able to complete "Delicate Enchantments" by using the "I'm ready" chat option after leaving the quest objective area.
    • On-death effects should no longer behave unusually when the player reaches 1 HP during “Withered Army Training”.


    • Performing a faction transfer on a character who has completed an Artifact Acquisition quest, but not yet turned it in, will no longer destroy the artifact when the quest is removed from players' logs. Players may then re-accept the Artifact quest after the transfer has completed and will receive full credit for the quest.

    September 14




    • Hati will now reset appearance to the default blue wolf form the first time summoned.
      • Developers’ Notes: Due to a bug, some hunters had Hati transform with the Essence Swapper into appearances that are unintended. A fix has been made for this to prevent future issues, but to get rid of any unintended appearances that players may already have, Hati’s appearance will be reverted to the default blue wolf when first summoned, and should retain any appearance changes thereafter. The Essence Swapper will continue to allow you to change Hati’s appearance to match that of your currently active hunter pet.


    • Judgment's damage on secondary targets should correctly match its damage on the primary target.


    • Clarity of Will's maximum shield size will be correctly increased by Versatility.


    • (Enhancement) Feral Lunge will no longer threaten enemies when cast. Feral Lunge now only causes threat when it lands and deals damage.

    Class Halls

    • The amount of follower experience granted by missions has been increased.
    • Lower-level followers should have access to more missions, even when the player has very high level followers active.
    • Players who failed to be rewarded Hymdall during the resolution of the quest "Jorhuttam" are properly granted him as a follower after entering their class hall.


    • Players should no longer be able to apply for Premade Group Finder parties for Arcway or Court of Stars if they have not gained access to those dungeons.
    • Eye of Azsharah
      • For the quest “Cleansing the Dreamway”, Rarefied Water should now drop from every boss. Other enemies no longer drop the item for the quest.


    • Level 110 legendary rings and amulets, which all previously had no sockets, should now have 1 Prismatic socket per item.


    • Blingtron 6000 should no longer transport some players underneath the world.


    • The alchemy spell Transmute: Fish to Gems should now take Cursed Queenfish, not Ghostly Queenfish.


    • Operation Murloc Freedom now only rewards Timeworn Artifacts while the World Quest is active.
    • The Nightbourne Loupe for the quest "A Personal Touch" is now carried by both male and female nightborne.
    • The quest object "The Black Tome" for the quest "The Black Tome" now spawns in a location that is accessible without having to jump onto the altar. 
    • On “Cry Thunder!”, players can no longer interact with Vethir to start the bombing run if they’re in a raid group.
    • Elothir should consistently offer "Reading the Leaves" and "Given to Corruption" when a player is eligible for the quests.
    • Adjustments to spawn rate and credit for the Fishing World Quest “Buoy Fishing” have been made to streamline the quest.


    • Players should no longer experience phasing issues when re-visiting Dalaran over Karazhan for the Legion pre-launch quests.
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  • Grevier 16 settembre 2016, 09:10 Grevier
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    Leggendari per tutti! :D
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    Grevier ha scritto:Immagine
    Leggendari per tutti! :D

    @Grevier HAHAHAAH Epic win!
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    Quindi la frase "se non sconfiggeremo la Legione, interi mondi bruceranno" non sta per bruciare in senso letterale della parola, ma bruceranno nel senso che saranno stra pieni di leggendari! Ahhhh, Khadgar e Xe'ra malandrini. Sono loro i veri boss di sta espansione! BUGIARDIH! 2
  • FuryDragon90 16 settembre 2016, 10:19 FuryDragon90
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    Siamo chi scegliamo di essere cit.Jim Raynor
    Grevier ha scritto:Immagine
    Leggendari per tutti! :D

    @Grevier Troppo pochi.(sono neanche 1/4 dei miei legg nel box rofl )
  • PigoWallace 16 settembre 2016, 10:22 PigoWallace
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    @Yardeh No! Sono PERZONE FALZE!1!1!!! Bisogna fare PULIZIA KONTATTI!!1!

    Comunque solo io ancora devo sognarmi il primo leggendario? XD
  • Rulez 16 settembre 2016, 10:37 Rulez
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    Iscritto il: 18 dicembre duemilaefattigliaffarituoi, all'ora che ne avevo voglia.
    www.twitch.tv/Credici che streammo, ho TeleTu
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    Leggendari per tutti(quelli che ne avevano già uno)! :D

    @Grevier fix'd
  • frøstmourne 16 settembre 2016, 10:49 frøstmourne
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    Che schifo...le solite gilde...che hanno il main raid gia fullato con leggendari, e i poveri sfigati "normali" che ancora devono vederne uno. 0
  • Dete 16 settembre 2016, 11:57 Dete
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    frøstmourne ha scritto:Che schifo...le solite gilde...che hanno il main raid gia fullato con leggendari, e i poveri sfigati "normali" che ancora devono vederne uno.

    @frøstmourne cosa c'entrano le gilde col bug dei leggendari??
  • Mordør90 16 settembre 2016, 13:21 Mordør90
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    frøstmourne ha scritto:Che schifo...le solite gilde...che hanno il main raid gia fullato con leggendari, e i poveri sfigati "normali" che ancora devono vederne uno.


    Ma usate il cervello prima di dire una vagonata di minchiate? Porca miseria!
  • fox94 16 settembre 2016, 14:54 fox94
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    Keep calm and spam moonfire!
    frøstmourne ha scritto:Che schifo...le solite gilde...che hanno il main raid gia fullato con leggendari, e i poveri sfigati "normali" che ancora devono vederne uno.

    Come se fosse colpa delle gilde se c'era un bug col drop.
    E ancora, che colpa ne ha una gilda se ha culo, mentre altre no?

    Certo che ogni scusa è buona per dire cagate rofl
  • Deinoforo 16 settembre 2016, 16:46 Deinoforo
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    micio micio miao miao
    devo ancora vederne 1 :D 1
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