• Il 23 Agosto sono stati applicati i seguenti hotfix:

    Blizzard Entertainment ha scritto

    August 23, 2018


    • Ravenous Sandworms should now occasionally drop scales for Adept Sandfisher.

    Azerite Powers

    • Fixed an issue where Havoc Demon Hunters in Metamorphosis would not reliably trigger Meticulous Scheming.


    • Power Word: Fortitude, Arcane Intellect, and Battle Shout are visible on raid frames (out of combat) to all members of the class who can cast them.
    • Paladin
      • Blessed Hammer correctly benefits only the casting Paladin.

    Creatures and NPCs

    • Fixed an issue with Faceless Tendrils in Atul'aman that caused them to ignore line of sight.


    • Waycrest Manor
      • Fixed an issue where a sister in the Heartsbane Triad could end up as the last witch alive and still have her damage reduction shield.
      • Fixed a bug where the Heartsbane Triad could be considered defeated at incorrect times.


    • Players should no longer be able to use the Electroshock Mount Motivator to motivate flight path mounts to move quicker.
    • Wolfpelt Greatcloak now has the same amount of stamina as other, similar cloaks.

    Pet Battles

    • Beguiling Orb can now be interacted with by multiple players at the same time.

    Player versus Player

    • Druid
      • Balance
        • Ironfeather Armor no longer incorrectly increases the haste gained by Incarnation: Chosen of Elune.


    • Xun Xun Sweetflower will now allow you to complete "Exotic Spices."
    • Bumbles should no longer be missing from the Mildenhall Meadery for “Let’s Bee Friends”.

    World Quests

    • Bear Heart and Caustic Sap now drop more frequently for “Bruin Potions”.


    • A Horde flight path icon for Erika Jones is now present on the world map.
    • The Fort Daelin Inn now grants rest.
    • The Watertusk now grants rest to Alliance players.
    • Binding your hearthstone to The Hozen Throne now refers to the player’s location appropriately as “The Hozen Throne”.
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