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    January 24, 2018


    • Demon Hunters can now loot companion pets from Throne of Thunder and Siege of Orgrimmar.

    Dungeons and Raids

    • Siege of Orgrimmar
      • Sha of Pride will no longer use Banishment against a solo player in Mythic difficulty.


    • The Hyjal quest "Good News... and Bad News" can now be accepted from Matoclaw if abandoned.
    • The Teldrassil quest "The Sprouted Fronds" will no longer appear on the map to players who cannot accept it.
    • Players now receive Augmented Arcane Prison from Raelorasz if they’re standing more than 3 yards away from him, for “Mustering the Reds”.
    • Reduced the difficulty of the Drakuru encounter during the Zul'Drak quest "Betrayal".
    • Several Silithus creatures now level scale all the way down to 40 for "Vyral the Vile".
    • When it’s “Your First Day as a Pirate”, Captain Keelhaul should no longer fall out of his pirate ship.


    • The portals to Deepholm can now be used by level 82 players, as intended.
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