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    Il 16 Novembre sono stati applicati i seguenti hotfix:

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    November 16




    • Displacement should now work for mages who know Arcane Momentum.


    • Weaponmaster no longer causes Goremaw's Bite to deal excessive damage when it activates.


    • Pristine Proto-Scale Girdle buffs are no longer shared among multiple Shaman.


    Return to Karazhan

    • Grouped players can now loot Little Red's Cape for "High Stress Hiatus".

    Trial of Valor

    • There is now a portal to return to the start of the instance in Haustvald, and Odyn will teleport players out of the instance after Helya is defeated.
      • Helya
      • The difficulty of several aspects of the Helya encounter have been decreased on Raid Finder difficulty.
      • Resolved an issue where sometimes Bilewater Breath would cast while Helya is submerging.


    • Warriors on "Capturing the Gateway" who aren’t seeing the required missions should return to their Class Hall, abandon the quest, and then re-accept it from Odyn. You will receive credit for missions you already completed and the remaining missions will now be available.
    • The Burning Crusade quest "Blessing of Incineratus" can now be completed.
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  • TartyMost Valuable Poster 17 novembre 2016, 14:30 Tarty
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    Shaman Draenei - Runetotem
    Troll dell'Alleanza nonchè regina di cazzate
    Ottimo, vuol dire che ho testato la versione "hard mode" del LFR ;P

    cmq è stato un'emozione, mi ha ricordato i vecchi tempi del LFR pre-Wod... Ho visto scene di panico da Odyn! :D
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