• Il 9 Dicembre sono state applicate le seguenti modifiche al gioco.

    Blizzard ha scritto
    Garrisons, Followers, and Outposts
    • Garrison Buildings
      • Barn: Increased the drop rates for Savage Blood from work orders.
      • Dwarven Bunker / War Mill: Work orders now award more Iron Horde Scraps and increased the drop rates for Follower Enhancements.
      • Gladiator's Sanctum: Characters can now accumulate up to a maximum of 5000 Broken Bones at a time.
      • Salvage Yard: Salvage recovered from a Garrison Mission should now always contain an item.
      • Trading Post: The Savage Friends achievement now only requires the character to become Exalted with 1 Draenor reputation (down from 3).
      • Trading Post (Alliance): The Sha'tari Defense quartermaster now correctly offers the Sky Fry Battle Pet for sale at Revered reputation.

    • Druid
      • General
        • Resolved an issue where Druids may sometimes lose Flight Form (and fall) when logging in or exiting from a Battleground or Arena match.
    • Hunter
      • General
        • Kill Shot should now correctly reset its cooldown when it fails to kill the target due to Cauterize (Mage) or Guardian Spirit (Priest).
    • Mage
      • Armor Sets
        • Mage Tier-16's 4-piece set bonus is no longer guaranteed to trigger for characters above level 90.
    • Warlock
      • General
        • Dark Soul's cooldown should now work correctly when used in conjunction with the talent Archimonde's Darkness and Glyph of Dark Soul.

    • Spires of Arak
      • Orders, Commander?: Resolved an issue where characters that have performed a faction change may be unable to complete the quest.

    Dungeons, Raids, and Scenarios
    • Raids
      • Highmaul
        • Iron Flame Technicians should no longer be incorrectly dropping Normal difficulty loot on Raid Finder difficulty.
        • The Butcher's Heavy Handed attack should now be correctly counted as an attack for abilities that require an attack to trigger its effects.
        • The Butcher should no longer become unresponsive if a Rogue in stealth gets too close.
        • Brackenspore: Unit frames for Living Mushrooms and Rejuvenating Mushrooms should now display properly.
        • Imperator Mar'gok: Arcane Aberrations that have been Banished should now continue to use Collapsing Entity.
        • Imperator Mar'gok: Added a portal transporting players back to The Coliseum from Throne of the Imperator after Imperator Mar'gok has been defeated.
    • Dungeons
      • Shadowmoon Burial Grounds
        • The portal that appears after Ner'zhul has been defeated should now transport players back to the beginning of the Dungeon.

    Battlegrounds and Arenas
    • The level 90 bracket has been merged into the level 91-99 bracket.
    • Priests should no longer be able to continue to hold onto the flag while in Spirit of Redemption form.
    • Rated Battleground flag carriers in a tanking specialization should no longer be taking more damage than flag carriers in a non-tanking specialization. Previously, flag carrying tanks took 50% more damage and that stacked with an additional 25% damage received while in RBGs (additional 75% damage received total). This change removes the 50% additional damage taken while carrying a flag in an RBG.

    • Enchanting
      • Resolved an issue that could cause Enchanter's Illusions to be reverted from an item.

    • General goods vendors across Draenor now offer Crystal Vials and Enchanting Vellums for sale.
    • Consumable items that summons a fast mount can no longer be used while in a Challenge Mode.
    • Elixir of Deep Earth now increases armor by 67 (down from 268).
    • Primal Spirit is now only eligible for Greed rolls in Need Before Greed loot mode.
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  • TartyMost Valuable Poster 10 dicembre 2014, 12:27 Tarty
    BattleTag: Tatyanna#2538
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    Shaman Draenei - Runetotem
    Troll dell'Alleanza nonchè regina di cazzate
    Il fix alla Barn è la fiera del ridicolo: in Beta i savage si ottenevano sempre con i WO da elite, allora han nerfato l'edificio e resi come "possibile drop"... adesso lo rialzano.
    Si decidessero...

    E anche gli achievement per sbloccare gli edifici di terzo livello, alcuni erano estremamente più onerosi di altri... 3 reputazioni exalted, con l'attuale sistema era un controsenso.
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