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    Il giorno 12 Aprile sono stati implementati alcuni hotfix:

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    April 12



    • The requirement "Complete 100 dungeons while using your Hidden Artifact appearance" to unlock Hidden Artifact appearance color variant 2 has been reduced from 100 to 30 dungeon completions.
      • Developers’ notes: The time and effort required for this Hidden Artifact unlock wasn’t consistent with the other two color unlocks. Additionally, now that Challenge Artifact appearances are in the game, requiring you to continue using your Hidden Artifact appearance (which can't be transmogged into the more prestigious Challenge appearance) for 100 dungeons was too much.

    Bonus Event

    • Corrected an issue preventing some players from accepting The Arena Calls skirmish event quest.


    • Warlock
      • Wrathguard's Mortal Cleave should now hit the same arc as the Felguard's Legion Strike ability.
      • The Observer's Optical Blast should now share a cooldown with other Silence effects.
      • Flames of Sargeras (Artifact Trait) increases the damage of both Conflagrate and Shadowburn.


    • Kil’jaeden’s Burning Wish now deals damage when equipped by level 101-109 characters.



    • Melandrus' Star-Touched Bracers now drop in Heroic difficulty during "The Thread of Starlight".
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