• Il 31 Marzo sono state applicate le seguenti modifiche al gioco.

    Cambiamenti rilevanti

    • Nerf al combattimento contro Manonera in Mitica, tra le altre modifiche, vita diminuita del 5%.
    • Bonus 4 pezzi del Tier17 del Druido ora dovrebbe attivarsi correttamente con Versatilità.
    • In risposta a feedback dei giocatori, Blizzard ha rilasciato un Hotfix per rendere più competitivi i cimeli se paragonati agli oggetti ottenibili nelle spedizioni. Il livello degli oggetti dei Cimeli tra i livelli 91 e 100 è pertanto aumentato.

    Rygarius ha scritto


    • Druid

      • Armor Sets
        • Tier-17 4-piece set bonus for Feral Druids should now correctly have a chance to trigger from Multistrikes.


    • Legacy

      • Striking Back (Dun Morogh): Repaired Bomber should now correctly fly over Ironforge Airfield and allow players to complete the quest.

    Raids and Dungeons

    • Blackrock Foundry

      • The Blast Furnace
        • Phase 1
          • Furnace Engineers should now throw a bomb at players roughly every 6 seconds. Throw Bomb is now instant-cast, but the range is now 40 yards (down from 50 yards). These changes are intended to diminish the relative benefit of having two or more priests, compared to one or none: Mind Control allows for more controlled targeting of the Bombs, but does not speed up the phase as a whole.
          • Reduced the health of Heat Regulators.
      • Blackhand
        • Blackhand's health has been reduced by 5% on Mythic difficulty.
        • Blackhand's Massive Shattering Smash ability now deals 25% less damage on Mythic difficulty.
        • Iron Soldiers' health has been reduced by 15% on Mythic difficulty.


    • Heirlooms

      • In response to player feedback, we have increased the power of Heirloom for levels 91-100. This change is intended to help Heirlooms be more competitive relative to Draenor dungeon gear.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue that could cause Mistweaver Monks that had undergone a Paid Character Boost to deal less damage than intended while in the process of unlocking skills and abilities.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause looping flight paths used for quests to not work correctly.
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