• Il giorno 24 Aprile sono stati applicati i seguenti hotfix:

    Blizzard Entertainment ha scritto


    April 24, 2018

    Dungeons and Raids

    • Well of Eternity
      • Fixed a bug that caused Peroth’arn to appear too early and block further progress.
    • Antorus, The Burning Throne
      • Aggramar
        • Aggramar now begins Stage 3 at 35% health in Mythic difficulty
        • All Embers of Taeshalach now spawn with 0 Energy in Mythic difficulty.
        • The damage of Empowered Flame Rend has been reduced by 25%.
      • Argus, The Unmaker
        • Argus’s health has been reduced by 5% in Mythic difficulty.


    • Fixed a bug preventing Burnnhildar Prisoners from respawning as needed for “Cold Hearted”.

    User Interface

    • The S.E.L.F.I.E. Camera should once again hide your UI when taking screenshots.
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    Afking Mythic raids for <Blasphemy> Well of Eternity - Horde
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