• Il 6 Dicembre sono stati applicati i seguenti hotfix:

    Blizzard Entertainment ha scritto

    December 6




    Demon Hunter

    • Fixed a bug that sometimes allowed the leech from Soul Rending to persist after Metamorphosis ended.


    • Freezing Trap will no longer cause the target's next cast to fail in certain cases.


    • Ice Block's cooldown will correctly reset at the end of an encounter.


    • You can now activate and deactivate Shadowform while mounted.


    Class Halls

    • Players who were unable to submit Artifact Knowledge Work Orders should now be able to again.


    Dungeons and Raids

    • Players in a dungeon during a server shutdown should no longer receive the Deserter debuff.

    Throne of Tides

    • Fixed a bug that was causing Mindbender Ghur’sha to be non-interactable.

    Trial of Valor

    • The Patient Zero achievement should now be obtainable, as intended.


    • Increased the radius of Guarm's Multi-Headed from 8 yards to 30 yards on Mythic difficulty.
    • Decreased Guarm's health by 5% on Mythic difficulty.

    Developers’ Notes: The Mythic difficulty change to the Multi-Headed mechanic is intended to require the use of 2 tanks on the encounter. We also slightly reduced Guarm’s health alongside this change in order to minimize the effect on groups that were accustomed to only using 1 tank. This is already active in the NA/ANZ region, and will take effect in other regions with their weekly restarts.


    • The magnitude of Corrupted Axion's healing absorb now properly scales down as the size of a raid decreases from 30 players to 10 players.
    • Resolved an issue that would cause Fetid Rot from targeting more players than intended on non-Mythic difficulties.
    • Reduced the health of several enemies in the Helya encounter on Normal and Heroic difficulties.
    • On non-Mythic difficulties, Adjusted Orb of Corrosion no longer targets Helya's tank targets, similar to its behavior in Mythic difficulty.


    • Fixed an issue that could cause Odyn to sometimes cast a lethal Unerring Blast during the final phase of the encounter.



    • Many trinkets available from Timewalking holiday dungeons and vendors have had their effects adjusted to more closely match the power level of Legion trinkets.


    Player versus Player

    • Mass Invisibility can no longer be cast on allies holding battleground flags and orbs.



    • Havi's message when a player completes "Now That's Just Clawful" will no longer be displayed to all players in the area.
    • World Quest map markers for Kirin Tor World Quests should now function correctly.
    • During “Barrels o’ Fun”, a swirling holy light now radiates from the barrel that needs to be tracked.
    • Players no longer get roadblocked if they teleport out of Well of the Forgotten after interacting with the Bone Pile for the quest "The Rite of the Executioner".
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