• Il giorno 26 Giugno sono stati applicati alcuni hotfix per la nuova Incursione.

    Inoltre con la manutenzione settimanale verranno applicati alcuni buff a Cacciatore di Demoni, Cacciatore e Monaco e un piccolo nerf allo Stregone.

    Blizzard Entertainment ha scritto


    June 26


    Dungeons and Raids

    • Completing your first Legion Heroic dungeon each day will now award you with 5 Writhing Essences, if you’re eligible.
    • Tomb of Sargeras
      • Sisters of the Moon
        • Captain Yathae Moonstrike will no longer target pets with rapid shot. She feels it is beneath her station.
        • Multiple Sisters should no longer become active at the same time.
        • All the sisters should no longer become inactive at the same time.
      • The Desolate Host
        • Players should no longer be kept in combat for up to a minute after the end of this encounter.
      • Kil’jaeden
        • Kil'jaeden will no longer change facing while casting Bursting Dreadflame.
        • Shaman totems will no longer fail to hit when their caster has Illidan's Sightless Gaze during Kil’jaeden’s second intermission.


    • Illusion: Deathfrost is now awarded from the Satchel of Chilled Goods instead of the Ice Chest. It is not awarded from the Knapsack of Chilled Goods.
    • Addressed an issue where multiple versions of the Lamp of Al'Abas increased pickpocketing income.
    • Corrected an issue where upgrading Siege of Orgrimmar Heirlooms changed their stat values, and made them appear to be usable at level 1.



    Kaivax ha scritto

    We continue to closely follow the performance of all specs in Patch 7.2.5, with particular focus on Tomb of Sargeras, and we're looking to make a few targeted adjustments with maintenance in each region, starting tomorrow:

    Demon Hunter

    • Havoc
      • Damage of all abilities increased by 2%.
      • Demon’s Bite damage increased by 46%.
      • Effect of Mastery: Demonic Presence (damage only) increased by 7%.


    • Survival
      • Damage of all abilities increased by 4%.


    • Windwalker
      • Damage of all abilities increased by 2.5%.Fists of Fury damage increased by 12%.


    • Affliction
      • Corruption and Agony damage reduced by 5%.


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