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    Il 26 Febbraio sono stati applicati i seguenti hotfix per il PvP:

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    We've identified the following fixes that we're working to make live later today:


    • Brewmaster
    • Guard can no longer be applied to non-player targets such as pets and guardians.


    • Protection
    • Fist of Justice now reduces the cooldown of Hammer of Justice by 5 seconds in PvP (was 10 seconds).


    • Discipline
    • Fixed a bug that caused Atonement's heal to be higher than intended when using the honor talent Trinty.


    • Assassination
    • Fixed a bug that caused Kingsbane's damage to be higher than intended in PvP situations.

    We expect to implement all of these changes simultaneously to all regions in a few hours, and you'll see them in today's full hotfixes update in our blog.

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  • Grevier 27 febbraio 2018, 16:17 Grevier
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    Ah ma perchè il Protect si gioca? 0
  • seraknis 27 febbraio 2018, 16:25 seraknis
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    Afking Mythic raids for <Blasphemy> Well of Eternity - Horde
    Si, ovviamente 1
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