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    Il 31 Marzo sono stati applicati i seguenti hotfix:

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    March 31


    Brawlers Guild

    • The Stranglethorn Streak Brawl is unavailable.

    Broken Shore

    • The message sent when a Sentinax boss appears should now play a loud warning sound.
    • The Sentinax should now send a message when it has finished recharging and is ready to respond to beacons again.
    • Rare elite enemies now drop significantly more Nethershards.
    • Creatures summoned below the Sentinax now drop significantly more Nethershards.
    • A number of unintended sources of Nethershards no longer drop Nethershards.


    • Demon Hunter
      • Fiery Brand should now be applied to the correct target when cast using an @focus macro.
    • Druid
      • Glyph of Twilight Bloom and Autumnal Bloom should again modify your Lifebloom spell.
      • Stellar Empowerment no longer buffs the initial damage of Moonfire and Sunfire.
      • Wax and Wane now increases the damage of your next Moonfire by 25% per stack (was 15%).
    • Hunter
      • Echo of Ohn’ara’s proc chance increased to 20% (was 10%).
      • Talon Bonds can proc Mastery: Hunting Companion.
    • Paladin
      • Blessed Stalwart now increases Shield of the Righteous's effects by 8% (was 25%).
    • Priest
      • Fixed a bug that caused Cosmic Ripple to incorrectly cost mana.

    Dungeons and Raids

    • Corrected an issue that was preventing the Ahead of the Curve and Cutting Edge achievements for Gul'dan from being properly awarded.
    • Artifact Power rewards will now correctly scale for Mythic Keystone levels 11 through 14.

    Player Versus Player

    • Dampening now starts at a 20% healing reduction in 2v2 matches.
    • Combatant's gear now starts at item level 840 and goes up to item level 860 (before Warforging), based on your character's average item level.
    • Druid
      • Overrun's range has returned to a minimum of 8 yards and maximum of 25 yards.
    • Hunter
      • Trueshot aura will continue to countdown correctly when the Hunter is under the effect of Cyclone.
    • Paladin
      • Flash of Light now heals for 35% more in PvP situations.
      • Holy Light now heals for 50% more in PvP situations.
      • Light's Grace now increases the healing of Holy Light by 50% (was 100%).
    • Priest
      • Holy Ward will now cause the target to be immune to Scatter Shot.
    • Shaman
      • Ethereal Form can now be cast in Arenas and Battlegrounds.
      • Restoration PvP Template Mastery has been increased by 10%.


    • Eyir has returned from a critically important meeting with Odyn and is once again available in her vault for the worthy.
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