• Il 15 Novembre sono stati applicati i seguenti hotfix:

    Blizzard Entertainment ha scritto

    November 15




    • Borrowed Time and Muze’s Unwavering Will (legendary wrist item) now properly reduce the global cooldown of Smite, in addition to Smite’s cast time.


    • The Warlock Glyph of the Observer should now summon an Observer that knows Devour Magic.


    • The weekly Grand Challenger’s Bounty now contains Item Level 885+ rewards for players who cleared a Mythic Keystone Level 12 or higher dungeon the prior week.

    Return to Karazhan

    • Burning Bones should no longer sometimes inflict damage to the tank instead of the player with the debuff.

    Player versus Player

    • End-of-match rewards from Rated Arenas and Rated Battlegrounds now get increased item level based on your current rating in that bracket, instead of your current item level.
      • Developers’ Notes: While the Weekly Quests for each bracket were giving rewards based on rating, the rewards given at the conclusion of a Rated Arena or Rated Battleground weren’t aligned with the challenge involved in earning a high rating. This change makes winning high-rated Arena or Rated Battleground matches more analogous to running repeated high-level Mythic Keystone dungeons.
    • Rated Battleground wins no longer have a guaranteed chance to reward an item.
      • Developers’ Notes: RBG wins would’ve been far too lucrative. We’re lowering the base chance of receiving an item, but also applying some aggressive bad luck protection. While you won’t earn an item from every single RBG win any more, they’ll still be very common, and far more valuable at higher ratings.
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