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    Il 17 Gennaio sono stati applicati i seguenti hotfix, che includono i bilanciamenti annunciati la settimana scorsa:

    Blizzard Entertainment ha scritto

    January 17


    Brawler’s Guild

    • Last season's Brawler's Guild passes have been removed from the Black Market Auction House.
    • Players who reach rank 8 in Brawler's Guild should now reliably receive the "Brawler" title.

    Dungeons and Raids

    • Emerald Nightmare
      • Mythic Emerald Nightmare now allows cross-realm raid groups.
      • The Premade Group Finder now supports forming and searching for Mythic Emerald Nightmare groups.
    • Karazhan
      • Druids can now ride a Rodent of Unusual Size while shapeshifted.


    • Inscription
      • The crafting costs for Tome of the Tranquil Mind and Codex of the Tranquil Mind have been significantly reduced.
      • The Glyph of the Inquisitor's Eye will no longer disappear after the player logs out and back in.


    • Death Knight
    • Blood
      • Blooddrinker damage reduced by 40% (unchanged in PvP).
    • Demon Hunter
      • Havoc
        • Annihilation, Blade Dance, Chaos Nova, Chaos Strike, Death Sweep, Demon Blades, Demon’s Bite, Eye Beam, Fel Barrage, Fel Eruption, Fel Rush, Fury of the Illidari, Metamorphosis, and Throw Glaive damage reduced by 2%.
        • Chaos Blades now increases autoattack damage by 150% (was 200%).
        • Eye Beam now only extends the duration of Metamorphosis once, with the Demonic talent.
        • Fel Mastery now grants 30 Fury (was 25).
    • Druid
      • Fixed a bug where Lunar Beam was still partially on the global cooldown. It is now fully off the global cooldown.
    • Hunter
      • Beast Mastery
        • Cobra Shot damage increased by 46%.
        • Chimaera Shot damage increased by 10%.
        • Barrage damage increased by 10%.
        • Kill Command damage increased by 10%.
      • Marksmanship
        • Aimed Shot, Arcane Shot, Barrage, Black Arrow, Bursting Shot, Marked Shot, Multi-shot, Murder of Crows, Piercing Shot, Sidewinders, Volley, and Windburst damage increased by 8%.
      • Survival
        • Carve, Flanking Strike, Explosive Trap direct damage, Flanking Strike, Mongoose Bite, Raptor Strike damage increased by 7%.
        • Explosive Trap damage over time, Lacerate, and Serpent Sting damage increased by 12%.
        • Caltrops damage reduced by 10%.
        • On the Trail damage increased by 36%.
    • Mage
      • Fire
        • Flame Patch damage reduced by 17%.
      • Frost
        • Ray of Frost damage increased by 12%.
    • Monk
      • Windwalker
        • Rushing Jade Wind now applies Mark of the Crane to 4 targets (was 5).
    • Paladin
      • Retribution
        • Execution Sentence damage reduced by 15%.
    • Priest
      • Discipline
        • Trinkets that deal single-target damage now deal 45% of normal damage (was 40%).
        • Trinkets that deal multi-target damage now deal 35% of normal damage (was 25%).
      • Shadow
        • Mind Blast, Mind Flay, Shadow Crash, Shadow Word: Death, Shadow Word: Void, Shadowy Apparition, Void Bolt, Void Torrent, and Void Eruption damage reduced by 4%.
        • Shadow Word: Pain damage reduced by 11%.
        • Vampiric Touch damage reduced by 14%.
    • Rogue
      • Assassination
        • Agonizing Poison increases damage by 3.5% per stack (was 4%).
    • Shaman
      • Elemental
        • Lightning Bolt damage increased by 9%.
      • Enhancement
        • Crash Lightning, Flametongue, Lava Lash, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Shield, Rockbiter, Stormstrike, Windfury, and Windsong damage increased by 4%.
        • Hailstorm damage increased by 29%.
        • Boulderfist damage increased by 15%.
        • Fury of Air damage reduced by 12%.
        • Doom Vortex damage increased by 33%.
    • Warlock
      • Affliction
        • Agony now has its full chance to generate a Soul Shard on Soul Effigy (was 55% of normal chance).
        • Malefic Grasp now increases the damage of damage over time effects by 70% (was 80%).
      • Demonology
        • Shadowbolt damage increased by 42%.
        • Demonbolt damage increased by 42%, but its damage is now increased by 10% per active demon (was 18%).
    • Warrior
      • Protection
        • Charge, Devastate, Devastator, Heroic Throw, Ravager, Shield Slam, Victory Rush, and Deep Wounds damage reduced by 5%.
        • Revenge and Thunder Clap damage reduced by 14%.


    • Kiljaeden’s Burning Wish: Damage increased by 55%.
    • Paladin
      • Chain of Thrayn: Damage bonus reduced from 20% to 10%.
    • Priest
      • Anund’s Seared Shackles’ stacks now clear on successful Void Bolt cast (was when Void Bolt deals damage).
      • Mother Shahraz’s Seduction: Stacks of Voidform gained when entering Voidform reduced to 3 (was 5).
      • Zeks Exterminatus: Damage bonus increased to 100% (was 25%).
    • Rogue
      • Duskwalker Footpads: Energy needed per 1 second of cooldown reduction for Vendetta increased to 65 (was 50).


    Player versus Player

    • Many of the PvP changes below are still in-testing and will be applied to the live game as soon as they are ready.
    • Death Knight
      • Frost
        • Frost Death Knight PvP template Strength reduced to 75% (was 80%).
        • Frost Death Knight PvP template Mastery reduced to 25% (was 100%), Haste has been increased to 150% (was 100%), and Critical Strike increased to 125% (was 100%)
        • Breath of Sindragosa's damage is reduced by 40% in PvP.
        • Chill Streak's damage and timing has changed to allow more counterplay from the enemy team:
          • Chill Streak now deals 3% of the target's health in damage (was 8%).
          • Chill Streak now bounces 9 times (was 5).
          • Chill Streak will now bounce to a target within 8 yards (was 15 yards).
          • Chill Streak now has a slightly longer delay before bouncing.
        • Frozen Center's root now breaks on damage caused by effects other than Frost Fever and Remorseless Winter.
        • Tundra Stalker's bonus Frost Strike damage on snared targets is now 15% (was 25%).
    • Demon Hunter
      • Havoc Demon Hunters’ PvP template Agility has been reduced to 80% (was 85%).
    • Druid
      • You can no longer stack Ferocious Wound on targets.
      • Balance Druids’ PvP template Mastery has been reduced to 25% (was 100%), Haste increased to 125% (was 100%), Versatility increased to 125% (was 100%), and Critical Strike increased to 125% (was 100%).
      • Feral Druids’ PvP template Agility has been reduced to 90% (was 100%).
      • Guardian
        • Intimidating Roar now has diminishing returns in the Disorient category (was the Incapacitate category).
        • Overrun now has diminishing returns in the Stun category.
        • Overrun's cooldown has been increased to 25 seconds.
        • Sharpened Claws now increases the damage of Swipe and Thrash by 50% (was 100%).
    • Mage
      • Arcane
        • Arcane Mages’ PvP template Master has been reduced to 25% (was 100%), Versatility increased to 100% (was 50%), and Critical Strike increased to 125% (was 100%).
        • Arcane Blast now deals normal damage in PvP situations (was an additional 5%).
        • Overpowered increases the damage of Arcane Power to 45% in PvP (was 70%).
        • Unstable Magic deals 30% additional Arcane Blast damage in PvP (was 50%). Unchanged for Fire and Frost Mages.
      • Fire
        • World in Flames now reduces the cast time of Flamestrike by 1.25 seconds (was 2 seconds).
        • World in Flames now increases the damage of Flamestrike by 20% (was 30%).
        • Flamestrike now deals 90% damage in PvP situations (was 100%).
        • Meteor now deals 70% damage in PvP (was 100%).
      • Frost
        • Damage caused by Chilled to the Bone no longer breaks crowd control effects.
        • Chilled to the Bone's damage has been increased by 250%.
        • Concentrated Coolness now increases the damage of Frozen Orb by 250%.
        • Burst of Cold now increases the damage of Cone of Cold by 800%.
    • Priest
      • Shadow
        • The damage of Vampiric Touch is reduced by 25% in PvP situations.
    • Warlock
      • Affliction
        • Curse of Shadows increases magical damage over time effects by 20% (was 30%).
        • Death's Embrace increases Corruption, Unstable Affliction, and Agony damage by 50% (was 100%).
        • Endless Affliction increases the duration of Unstable Affliction by 3 seconds (was 4).
        • Rot and Decay now only increases the duration of the Unstable Affliction with the shortest remaining duration.
      • Destruction
        • Chaos Bolt deals normal damage in PvP situations (was an additional 10% damage).
        • Focused Chaos now increases Chaos Bolt damage by 75% (was 100%).
        • Firestone now grants an additional 75% Critical Strike (was 100%).
    • Warrior
      • Disarm's duration has been reduced to 6 seconds, down from 8.
      • Arms
        • Sharpen Blade reduces healing taken by 50%, down from 70%.
        • Fixed an issue where the damage reduction of Duel was not applying to targets correctly.
      • Fury
        • Death Wish now stacks up to 10 times, down from 15
      • Protection
        • Protection Warriors' PvP template Strength has been reduced to 95% (was 100%).
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  • Broly 18 gennaio 2017, 10:07 Broly
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    Legends Never Die.
    Da shamano posso dire che il leggero potenziamento alla spec Enha ci sta tutto. 0
  • grallenRedazione 18 gennaio 2017, 10:20 grallen
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    Dal caos si crea l'ordine e dell'ordine si genera il caos.
    Il paladino non hanno cambiato quasi niente eccetto un attimo per il castigo. Niente da dire :) 0
  • Arshan 19 gennaio 2017, 12:13 Arshan
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    Per la Luce!
    grallen ha scritto:Il paladino non hanno cambiato quasi niente eccetto un attimo per il castigo. Niente da dire :)

    @grallen Il pala retri ha preso una bella botta, nerfata Execution Sentence, nerfato il suo miglior leggendario e rimosso il Blessing Of Might. Ci sono tre blessing di cui uno solo dal DPS, quale viene rimosso? Proprio quello -.-
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