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    Il 26 Febbraio sono state apportate le seguenti correzioni e cambiamenti.

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    • Players are now able to whisper or send party invites to players on any realm.


    • Death Knight
      • Blood
        • Shadow of Death should no longer be incorrectly canceled by Lichborne.
    • Druid
      • General
        • Movement speed bonuses from Stag Form combined with Stampeding Roar should now stack additively (previously, it did not and resulted in a loss of movement speed when both were combined).
      • Balance
        • Starfall and Sunfall should now correctly only hit enemies afflicted by the casting Druid's Moonfire or Sunfire without an active Glyph of Untamed Stars glyph.
      • Feral
        • Lunar Inspiration's Moonfire (Feral) now deals 20% more damage.Got it.
        • Initial attacks for Rake and Thrash should no longer be incorrectly benefitting from Bloodtalons twice.
      • Talents
        • Fixed an issue where Wild Charge in Aquatic Form was not working correctly.
    • Hunter
      • General
        • Ice Trap's trigger area should now match the visual.
      • Marksman
        • Chimaera Shot now deals 20% less damage in PvP combat.
    • Monk
      • General
        • Fixed an issue where Enhanced Roll was not correctly increasing the Monk's speed as much as it should.
      • Mistweaver
        • Mana Tea modified by Glyph of Mana Tea should now benefit correctly from Spirit.
    • Paladin
      • General
        • Fixed an issue where Paladins had an extra spellbook tab for glyphs.
    • Priest
      • Talents
        • Saving Grace (Discipline, Holy) now heals for 25% less in PvP combat.
    • Rogue
      • Talents
        • Rogues with the Subterfuge talent no longer incorrectly break out of Stealth from Prayer of Mending (Priest).
        • Fixed an issue where Subterfuge and Vanish interacted incorrectly, resulting in the wrong action bar being displayed for a short time.
    • Shaman
      • Enhancement
        • Fire Nova's visuals should now be visible to the casting Shaman.
      • Restoration
        • Lava Burst no longer deals extra damage in PvP combat for Restoration Shaman.

    Garrisons, Followers, and Outposts

    • General
      • Music Roll: Totems of the Grizzlemaw should now play the correct Grizzly Hills track.
      • Increased the spawn rate for the chest containing Music Roll: Night Song in Darnassus.
    • Garrison Campaign Quests
      • Scouting Missives can now be completed if the player has already completed the daily version of the quests.
      • Herbs Galore: Completing the quest should now award 25 Primal Spirits (up from 15).
      • Portable Portals (Horde version): Fixed an issue where Gez'la was not offering the quest to eligible players.
    • Garrison Buildings
      • Dwarven Bunker / War Mill: Increased the chance for obtaining Follower armor and weaponry sets from work orders.
      • Mage Tower / Spirit Lodge, Level 1: It should now support up to 7 work orders (was incorrectly only able to support 1 work order).


    • Gorgrond
      • Mossy Fate: Players should now be able to complete the quest if they receive Kaz the Shrieker as a Follower.

    Creatures and NPCs

    • Heirloom vendors Estelle Gendry (Horde) and Krom Stoutarm (Alliance) are now ensuring that they have a lot more personal space.


    • Ashran
      • Being in a Premade Group should no longer prevent players from entering Ashran.
      • Fixed an issue where players in the same raid or party but in different instances of Ashran would still see each other's markers on the map.

    Battlegrounds and Arenas

    • Battlegrounds
      • [Requires a realm restart] Low-level items should no longer have an excessive amount of Bonus Armor.
      • War Games now should have a 25-second resurrection timer.
      • Temple of Kotmogu: Paladins can no longer use Divine Shield or Hand of Protection on players holding an orb in Temple of Kotmogu.
      • Temple of Kotmogu: Hunters can no longer use Camouflage to drop an orb in Temple of Kotmogu.


    • Heirlooms
      • [Requires a realm restart] Musty Tome of the Lost should now correctly accept Heirloom armor upgrade tokens (was incorrectly using weapon upgrade tokens instead).
    • Battle Pets
      • Battle Pet healing abilities should now heal for an amount much closer to the values stated in the tooltip.
    • Toy Box
      • S.E.L.F.I.E. Cameras can now be used while under a stealth effect.
    • Mounts
      • Chauffeured Chopper can no longer be driven by party members that are visiting another player's Garrison.


    • Increased the amount of Stamina granted from Draenor food.
      • Tier 1 Stamina food now gives a bonus of 112 Stamina (up from 75).
      • Tier 2 Stamina food received no change and remains at 150 Stamina.
      • Tier 3 Stamina food now gives a bonus of 187 Stamina (up from 125).
    • The following glyphs are no longer bind on pickup.
      • Glyph of the Solstice (Druid)
      • Glyph of Flying Fists (Monk)
      • Glyph of Cleanse (Paladin)
      • Glyph of Purification (Priest)
      • Glyph of Purify Spirit (Shaman)
    • Primal Combatant's Medallion of Adaptation should now correctly count towards the PvP trinket set bonus, Gladiator's Distinction.

    Bug Fixes

    • General
      • Fixed an issue where Touch of the Naaru's visuals was not correctly attached to character models.
      • Primal Combatant's Medallion of Adaptation should now convert into the correct faction version for characters that had undergone a Paid Faction Transfer.
    • Achievements
      • Don't Call Me Junior: Exploration Mission Master is no longer a requirement for completing the achievement.
      • [Requires a realm restart] Securing Draenor: Removed Challenge at the Ring of Blood as one of the requirements for completing the achievement.
      • What a Strange, Interdimensional Trip It's Been: Credit should now be correctly awarded for defeating Rukhmar with Pepe atop your head.
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