• Il giorno 17 gennaio sono stati applicati i seguenti hotfix:

    Blizzard Entertainment ha scritto


    January 17


    • Rogue
      • Assassination
        • The Poison Knives trait has been temporarily disabled, and Poison Knives currently adds 3% damage to Deadly Poison per rank. This change will be reverted once a bug with the trait is corrected.
    • Shaman
      • Restoration
        • Healing Tide Totem is now properly affected by Deep Healing and Cumulative Upkeep.
        • Healing Stream Totem is now properly affected by Deep Healing.
    • Warlock
      • Affliction
        • Grim Inquisitor’s Regalia 2-piece set bonus now properly increases the duration of Unstable Affliction by 2 seconds.

    Dungeons and Raids

    • Gnomeregan
      • Electrocutioner 6000 again drops Electrocutioner Leg for Hunters.
    • Trial of the Champion
      • All bosses again properly drop Champion's Seals.


    • Many quest items that had incorrectly high level requirements have been adjusted.

    World Quests

    • Fixed issues preventing Naz'ak and Ana-Mouz from dropping loot for players who have previously killed them.


    • Significantly increased the Spinal Dust drop rate on the Ghostlands quest “Spinal Dust”.
    • Arluin has returned to Suramar and is again willing to speak with outsiders. He was just having a bad day.



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