• Il 30 Marzo sono stati applicati i seguenti hotfix:

    Blizzard Entertainment ha scritto

    March 30


    Broken Shore

    • Hidden Wyrmtongue Caches can now be used by 5 players within 15 seconds of the first player looting them.
    • Hidden Wyrmtongue Caches should now appear on the minimap.
    • Rare elite corpses should now linger for 30 seconds longer after being looted to help prevent them from disappearing from the map.
    • Increased the Nethershard rewards from the Sentinax Lieutenants.
    • Beacons that reward gathering materials can now be used while the Sentinax is on cooldown.
    • The message sent when a Sentinax boss appears should now play a loud warning sound.
    • The Sentinax should now send a message when it has finished recharging and is ready to respond to beacons again.
    • The Eye of Gurgh has received additional training in the art of fighting adventurers.
    • On PvP realms, Deliverance Point should now have a rest area.
    • Rare Elite commanders on Broken Shore are rumored to now drop more loot.


    • Druid
      • Glyph of Twilight Bloom and Autumnal Bloom should again modify your Lifebloom spell.
    • Mage
      • The cooldown for Displacement is now correctly reduced by Everywhere At Once.

    Class Hall

    • Matilda Skoptidottir inside the Warrior Order Hall should once more be visible to players who just finished research.

    Dungeons and Raids

    • The dungeon quest "Return to Karazhan: The Tower of Power" is now completable in Mythic Keystone difficulty, in addition to all other difficulties.

    Player Versus Player

    • Focused Assault and Brutal Assault are now being applied to flag carriers.
    • Druid
      • Frenzied Regeneration now heals 25% of incoming player damage in the last 5 seconds, (was 50%) for all specs except Guardian.
    • Monk
      • Ancient Mistweaver Arts no longer allows Soothing Mist to continue to heal while the player is stunned, silenced, disoriented, or otherwise interrupted.


    • Archaeology
      • Surveying in elite digsites with Luron now gives credit towards "Surveying Student".
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