• Il 27 marzo sono stati applicati i seguenti cambiamenti a World of Warcraft.

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    Racial Abilities

    • Night Elf

      • Shadowmeld should now correctly drop the character from combat if another party member is in combat while in an Arena, Battleground, Rated Battleground, or outdoor PvP zone.

    Garrisons, Followers, and Outposts

    • Summoned Bosses

      • Teluur should no longer incorrectly despawn while in combat with the player after being summoned.


    • Legendary Ring Quest Line

      • An Inside Job: Fixed an issue where Garona may sometimes fail to eliminate a target.
      • Reverse Piracy: Fixed an issue where the map marker for Stolen Sha'tari Vault was not updated correctly after defeating The Iron Maidens.

    Raids and Dungeons

    • Blackrock Foundry

      • The Iron Maidens
        • The Iron Maidens should no longer incorrectly trigger a Dreadnaught phase if they reach 100 Energy and 20% health at around the same time.
    • Legacy

      • Throne of Thunder
        • Durumu the Forgotten: Fixed an issue where the cones of light may incorrectly spawn high above ground during the Light Spectrum phase.


    • Primal Gladiator's Medallion of Adaptation should now convert into the correct faction version for characters that had undergone a Paid Faction Change.
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