• Il 28 aprile sono state applicate le seguenti correzioni e modifiche.

    Rygarius ha scritto



    • General
      • Felhunter's Spell Lock ability and the version of Spell Lock obtained through Grimoire of Sacrifice should now correctly share a cooldown with each other.


    • Legendary Ring Quest Line​​
      • An Inside Job: Reduced the number of guards present and amount for health on all guards in the quest area
    • Southern Barrens
      • Run Out the Guns: Rageroar Rowboats should now continue to spawn.

    Bug Fixes

    • Achievements​​
      • Home Alone can now be completed using alternate versions of a Hearthstone such as The Innkeeper's Daughter or Garrison Hearthstone
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  • Grevier 29 aprile 2015, 15:05 Grevier
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    A leggere il titolo così con la foto dil Gul'Dan ho pensato:

    "Portatemi qui i bambini, che gli concedo un dono bellissimo!"
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