• Il 27 Febbraio sono state apportate le seguenti correzioni e cambiamenti.

    Cambiamenti rilevanti

    Blizzard Entertainment ha scritto


    •  Hunter
      • Talents
        • Focusing Shot now has a facing requirement.
    •  Monk
      • Talents
        • Fixed an issue where Chi Explosion could incorrectly trigger Healing Elixirs while the Monk is at full health.
    •  Priest
      • Talents
        • Saving Grace (Discipline, Holy) now heals for 34% less in PvP combat (up from 25% less).
    •  Shaman
    •  Warlock
      • Talents
        • Soul Link healing now ignores effects that increase or decrease the amount of healing received.
    •  Warrior
      • General
        • Execute now deals 13% more damage for Fury and Protection Warriors, effectively restoring the ability's damage level back to pre-Patch 6.1.
        • Fixed a number of issues with Execute’s rage consumption and damage for Arms Warriors.

    Garrisons, Followers, and Outposts

    • General
      • Visiting Garrison profession traders are now on a rotation and is no longer random.
      • Summoned Garrison bosses should no longer reset or despawn after being summoned if they're engaged by pets or Garrison NPCs.
      • Visiting High Overlord Saurfang no longer offers to accompany Horde players on patrol over concerns that he may cleave the Garrison in half.
    • Garrison Quests
      • Targets of bounty quests are now open tap.
      • Learning is Painful: Huge Crate of Weapons should now be interactable and allow players to complete the quest.
    • Follower Missions
      • Relic and Bounty missions are no longer being offered.

    Creatures and NPCs

    • Fixed collision geometry designed to prevent crowding around the Horde PvP vendors in Warspear.

    Raids and Dungeons

    • Legacy
      • Drak'Tharon Keep: Fixed an issue where Novos the Summoner was unkillable on Heroic difficulty.
      • The Culling of Stratholme: Fixed an issue where the Dark Runed Chest after defeating Mal'Ganis could not be looted on Heroic difficulty.


    • Formidable Ring should no longer create invalid items.
    • Shadowtome can no longer be incorrectly upgraded by Ensorcelled Tarot.
    • The Shatterer no longer has a chance on hit effect.

    Bug Fixes

    • Trade Goods and Consumables should now be correctly deposited to bags assigned to favor those item types
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