• Il 20 luglio sono stati applicati i seguenti hotfix per la patch 8.0:

    Blizzard Entertainment ha scritto

    July 20, 2018


    • Monk
      • The Earth and Fire clone from Storm, Earth, and Fire should correctly mimic Rushing Jade Wind, regardless of the player’s target.
    • Paladin
      • Protection
        • Fixed a bug preventing the Light’s Vanguard Battleplate 4-piece bonus from activating and deactivating as intended.
        • Fixed an issue where Consecration occasionally failed to provide its self-buff.
    • Rogue
      • Assassination
        • Fixed a bug where Blindside was not learnable until level 40.
    • Warlock
      • Demonology
        • The Command Demon version of Spell Lock can no longer be cast without a target.
        • Demonic Calling can now correctly be activated by casting Demonbolt.


    Character Services

    • Characters at level 110 and above may now move up to 1,000,000 gold when performing a Character Transfer.


    Creatures and NPCs

    • Fixed a visual bug that caused some characters to lose the tops of their heads.


     Dungeons and Raids

    • The health and damage of all enemies in Emerald Nightmare, Trial of Valor, The Nighthold, and Tomb of Sargeras has been significantly reduced.
    • The experience awarded on completion of a random dungeon has been increased.
    • Antorus, the Burning Throne
      • Fixed a bug preventing Death’s Advance from functioning correctly in certain encounter situations, such as Aggramar’s Flame Rend.
    • Eye of Azshara
      • Damage dealt by Lightning Strike, Warlord Parjesh’s Crashing Wave, and Quicksand have been significantly reduced.
    • The Nexus
      • Chaotic Energy Bursts from Chaotic Rifts no longer inflict excessive damage.
    • Obsidian Sanctum
      • Sartharion’s Large Satchel of Spoils should again contain loot.
    • Return to Karazhan
      • Mana Confluences’ Ablative Shield should no longer absorb an excessive amount of damage.
    • Utgarde Keep
      • Dragonflayer Runecaster’s Bolthorn's Rune of Flame now deals less damage.


    • Darkmoon Deck: Promises no longer reduces some non-mana resources.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented banners from granting expected honor, experience, and reputation bonuses.
    • Fishing Chair and Nat's Fishing Chair have been temporarily converted into objects that are not chairs, while a bug with their functionality is fixed. They will return to their former function in a future patch.


    Player versus Player

    • Adjusted PvP scaling to reduce the difference in power and damage between players of different item levels at level 110.
    • Fixed a bug preventing some players from obtaining Honorable Medallion while PvP-enabled.



    • Fishing
      • Fixed a bug that caused the wrong sound when casting.



    • Fixed a bug with the reputation bonus on completion of "Death to Agogridon". If you previously completed the quest, speak to Karnum Marshweaver in Desolace to receive your reward.
    • The talking quest NPC should no longer appear for players who are nearby, but are not the Hunter on “Never Hunt Alone”.
    • Players should again be able to complete “All Charged Up”.
    • Fixed a bug with the conversation required for “Secrets of Wrymskull Uncovered”, allowing completion of “The Echo of Ymiron”.
    • Low-level players are now able to do appropriate damage to the  Devilsaur Queen during "The Ballad of Maximillian”.
    • “Pitching In” can again be completed.



    • It is again possible to earn credit toward "Field Photographer" when using the S.E.L.F.I.E. cam anywhere within the Path of Uther.
    • Alliance characters can again complete "Uther's Blessing" by approaching Uther's statue.
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