• Il 12 Settembre sono stati applicati i seguenti hotfix:

    Blizzard Entertainment ha scritto

    September 12



    • Soultender Videx is no longer required for the Commander of Argus achievement.
    • [With restarts in each region] Argus Waystones no longer drop from bosses in Invasion Points. Any Argus Waystones in your possession have been converted to Veiled Argunite.
    • [With restarts in each region] The quests Invasion Point Offensive and Invasion Onslaught no longer require Argus Waystones.
    • [With restarts in each region] The Argussian Reach emissary again requires 4 World Quests completed.


    • Developers’ notes: All of the damage increases below are a combination of buffing specs that don't benefit from the Netherlight Crucible's item level increase as much as other specs, as well as tuning the specs relative to each other.
    • Death Knight
      • Frost
        • All damage increased by 4%.
    • Demon Hunter
      • Havoc
        • All damage increased by 3%.
    • Druid
      • Feral
        • All damage increased by 2%.
    • Hunter
      • Beast Mastery
        • All damage increased by 6%.
      • Survival
        • All damage increased by 5%.
    • Monk
      • Windwalker
        • All damage increased by 9%.
    • Rogue
      • Assassination
        • All damage increased by 5%.
      • Outlaw
        • All damage increased by 6%.
      • Subtlety
        • All damage increased by 1.5%.
    • Shaman
      • Enhancement
        • All damage increased by 3%.



    • The yetis of Feralas should once again have facial hair.


    Dungeons and Raids

    • Vault of the Wardens
      • Fixed a bug preventing Inquisitor Tormentorum’s associates from automatically engaging players.

    Tomb of Sargeras

    • Demonic Inquisition
      • The number of Echoing Anguish debuffs has been reduced to 2 (was 3) on Raid Finder, Normal, and Heroic difficulties.
    • Kil’jaeden
      • Reduced the health of Kil’jaeden, Erupting Reflection, and Shadowsoul by 5% on all difficulties.
      • The maximum distance from the center of the platform that Armageddon can spawn has been reduced on all difficulties.
      • The radius of the explosion from Bursting Dreadflame has been reduced on all difficulties.
      • Chaotic Eruption damage and knockup has been reduced on Mythic difficulty.

    Player versus Player

    All specs that received general damage increases above have been reduced by an equivalent amount in PvP, as the Netherlight Crucible’s item-level increases to the player’s Artifact weapon have very little impact on PvP.

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