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    Il 10 settembre sono stati applicati i seguenti hotfix, fra cui molti bilanciamenti alle Classi annunciati nei giorni scorsi ma che saranno applicati solo con la manutenzione settimanale:

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    September 10, 2018


    [All class changes with weekly maintenance in each region.]

    • Druid
      • Feral
        • All damage increased by 5%.
      • Restoration
        • All healing spells increased by 3%.
        • Rejuvenation mana cost reduced to 10.5% (was 11%).
    • Hunter
      • Beast Mastery
        • All damage reduced by 5%.
    • Mage
      • Fire
        • All damage increased by 6%.
        • Flamestrike damage increased by 15%.
    • Paladin
      • Holy
        • Holy Light and Flash of Light healing increased by 7%.
    • Priest
      • Discipline
        • Smite damage reduced by 9%.
      • Holy
        • All healing reduced by 3%.
      • Shadow
        • Shadow Word: Pain and Vampiric Touch damage increased by 20%.
    • Rogue
      • Outlaw
        • All damage reduced by 5%.
        • Deadshot (Azerite Trait) reduced by 20%.
      • Subtlety
        • All damage reduced by 5%.
    • Shaman
      • Restoration
        • Healing Rain healing increased by 12%.
        • Riptide healing increased by 6%.
    • Warlock
      • Affliction
        • Summon Darkglare damage reduced by 20%.
      • Demonology
        • All damage increased by 5%.
      • Destruction
        • All damage increased by 5%.

    Dungeons and Raids

    • Uldir
      • Vectis
        • Omega Vector will last longer with smaller raid sizes, lowering the number of forced Lingering Infection stacks per player.


    • Fixed a bug where some shields and off-hands had a chance to Titanforge. Existing items that have dropped will not change, but new drops of these items should no longer have a chance to Titanforge.
    • Fixed an issue where Rotcrusted Voodoo Doll did not scale correctly with Haste.
    • Darkmoon Deck: Blockades will now shuffle more often based on Haste.
    • Heart of Azeroth
      • Fixed a bug causing Inevitable Demise to give more additional healing than intended.
      • Inevitable Demise bonus increased by 33%, and the benefit of having multiple copies of the trait active is reduced.

    Player versus Player

    • Level 120 Water purchased from vendors is now usable in Rated Battlegrounds.
    • Unrated PvP rewards now have a minimum of item level 300 at player level 120, and will improve with the player's item level, up to iLvl 325.
    • Druid
      • Feral
        • Rake deals an additional 60% damage in PvP situations while Stealthed (was 100%).
        • Shred deals an additional 35% damage in PvP situations while Stealthed (was 50%).
    • Hunter
      • Beast Mastery
        • Dire Beast: Basilisk now has a 60 Focus cost.
        • Dire Beast: Basilisk damage reduced by 30%.
        • Hunter Pet Basic Attack damage (Smack, Bite, and Claw) reduced by 30%.
        • Aspect of the Beast increases the damage of your pets by 20%, down from 30%.
        • Bestial Wrath increases the damage of you and your pet by 20%, down from 25%.
    • Rogue
      • Outlaw
        • Deadshot deals 30% less damage in PvP (was 45% less damage).
    • Shaman
      • Riptide healing reduced by 6% in PvP situations.
    • Warrior
      • Arms
        • Deep Wounds damage to enemy players reduced by 25%.
        • Sharpen Blade increases Mortal Strike damage by 15% (was 30%).
        • Lord of War (Azerite Trait) effectiveness reduced by 40% when engaged in combat with enemy players.
        • Executioner's Precision (Azerite Trait) effectiveness reduced by 35% when engaged in combat with enemy players.
        • Test of Might (Azerite Trait) effectiveness reduced by 30% when engaged in combat with enemy players.

    World Quests

    • Corrected an issue that caused two sets of enemies to spawn in front of Priestess Alun'za on “From the Shadows”.
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