• Il 27 Agosto sono stati applicati i seguenti hotfix, fra cui una modifica importante alla tassa di deposito per alcuni beni della Casa d'Aste:

    Blizzard Entertainment ha scritto


    August 27, 2018


    • Players who have earned that Sweete booty by completing the Harlan Sweete encounter should now be awarded That Sweete Booty.

    Auction House

    • [Following server restarts] The deposit for certain tradeskill goods has increased by 20% of the asking price of a single unit. This cost is constant, regardless of stack size.  As with the standard deposit, this is returned to the seller when the auction successfully sells.

    Character Services

    • Players that faction change will have Battle For Azeroth flight paths after the change.
    • Players that change back to their original faction will have all of their learned flight paths.


    • Druid
      • Feral
        • Feral Frenzy should more consistently deal its full damage and generate its full combo points, even if you move slightly out of range after casting.
    • Paladin
      • Hammer of Righteous splash damage correctly benefits from Last Defender and Avenging Wrath.

    Creatures and NPCs

    • Vathikur should now spawn once all pit snakes have been killed.


    • Faction items can now be sold back to their Quartermaster within 2 hours for a full refund.
    • Fixed an issue where Merektha's Fang could be cancelled by Remorseless Winter.
    • Fixed an issue preventing Merektha's Fang from critically hitting.
    • Merektha's Fang is now on the Global Cooldown, and its damage has been increased by 317%.
    • Fixed an issue where Darkmoon Deck: Tides would sometimes activate less often than intended.

    Pet Battles

    • The following items can now correctly be used to grant you their associated battle pets: Baby Crawg, Wind-up Frog, Ball of Tentacles, Undulating Blue Sac.
    • Inland Croaker battle pets now have the correct Sticky Goo level 20 ability.


    • Players are now directed back to Ata the Winglord when removed from the vehicle during "City of Gold".
    • Fixed an issue where Brother Alen could become unresponsive during "Archived Knowledge".
    • Auras no longer persist on players after completing “Beachhead”.

    World Quests

    • The “Lost Goat” should now respawn as expected.
    • Fixed an issue that was preventing “Stopping the Infestation” from starting properly.
    • For “Cut Off Potential”, Zandalari Beastkeepers are now hostile to Alliance Allied Races, as intended.


    • Horde players can now rest at the inns at the Blood Gate and the Diretusk Hollow.
    • The Banshee’s Wail and Wind’s Redemption are now rested areas.
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