• In un hotfix rilasciato oggi il valore di mana restituito tramite Candela Inestinguibile è stato dimezzato da 20.000 a 10.000, lasciando invariato il bonus passivo all'Intelletto che resta a 334. Secondo Crithto la ragione del de-potenziamento sta nell'eccessiva forza di questo Monile, che consentiva a chi lo possiede di avere un vantaggio troppo elevato sugli altri healer.

    Crithto ha scritto
    The Everburning Candle will receive a hotfix today which will reduce the amount of mana restored on use from roughly 20,000 to roughly 10,000. Similar to the issue with Scabbard of Kyanos, our previous adjustment left the power level of the item drastically beyond the range of even Mythic raid trinkets. After this hotfix, the trinket will still be an ideal item for any healer, and we will not be adjusting the Intellect passive of the trinket which will remain at 334.

    With regard to developer comments made yesterday during the Final Boss podcast interview, we understand changing our minds about not adjusting this item may be frustrating. At the time, we absolutely meant that we were okay with it being over-budget in terms of what it provides (reference the unchanged Intellect). However, when designers took a closer look at the item this morning, they realized that the mana being granted was excessive to the point that it risked undermining healer and encounter balance, and creating a world where healers with the Everburning Candle would play a different game with respect to mana longevity than those without.
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