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    Il giorno 18 Luglio sono stati applicati i seguenti hotfix, che puntano a risolvere i disagi della patch 8.0.

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    Here you'll find a list of hotfixes that address various issues related to World of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth. Some of the hotfixes below take effect the moment they were implemented, while others may require scheduled realm restarts to go into effect. Please keep in mind that some issues cannot be addressed without a client-side patch update. This list will be updated as additional hotfixes are applied.


    July 18, 2018


    • Demon Hunter
      • Chaos Brand correctly has unlimited duration outside of PvP.
    • Druid
      • Restoration
        • Tranquility’s heal-over-time can correctly critically heal.
    • Hunter
      • Marksmanship
        • Explosive Shot will now correctly despawn if the projectile collides with an obstacle or reaches maximum range, and refund partial cost and cooldown.
    • Monk
      • Mystic Touch correctly has unlimited duration outside of PvP.
    • Mage
      • Arcane
        • Soul of the Archmage now grants the talent Amplification (was Temporal Flux).
        • When Arcane Missiles activate Clearcasting, the subsequent (free) Missiles will correctly have reduced channel time and be affected by Slipstream.
    • Priest
      • Shadow
        • Psychic Horror is correctly usable below level 74.
    • Shaman
      • Restoration
        • Soul of the Farseer should now correctly grant the talent Echo of the Elements.

    Dungeons and Raids

    • Tomb of Sargeras
      • Maiden of Vigilance
        • Wrath of the Creators should no longer deal excessive damage.
    • Icecrown Citadel
      • Lady Deathwhisper again has an appropriate amount of mana.
    • Dire Maul
      • Alzzin the Wildshaper’s Wild Generation should no longer heal for an excessive amount.
    • The Arcatraz
      • Fixed a bug causing Eredar Deathbringer to deal much more damage than intended.


    • Fixed a bug causing centaurs in Desolace to deal more damage than intended.
    • Druids can again interact with Skycaller Faeb.

    Player versus Player

    • Honor and Conquest rewards for Epic Battlegrounds have been increased.
    • Corrected the amount of damage dealt by players to creatures and vehicles in Alterac Valley and Isle of Conquest.


    • Corrected the display of ranks in Profession recipe windows.


    • The Staff of Pei-Zhi can again be looted for “An Urgent Plea”.
    • Fixed a bug preventing the completion of some Garrison campaign quests in Draenor.
    • In Highmountain, Small Ceremonial Drum can again be interacted with for "Ceremonial Drums".
    • Merchant Greenfield again gives the player seeds for "Learn and Grow I: Seeds".
    • Fixed a bug preventing Kol Ironpaw from grilling the Bloody Plainshawk Leg for "A Gift for Fung".
    • It is again possible to collect Fizzle’s Hand for “Fizzled”.
    • Aprika’s Doll can again be collected for “Small Comforts”.
    • Players can again interact with Mana-Drained Whelplings for "Their Dying Breaths".
    • The Eye of Kilrogg is again obtainable for “Eye See You”.
    • The Soulweave Vessel can again be looted for “The Cure For Death” and “Vessel of Virtue”.


    • Legion Assaults now correctly scale down to player level 98.
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  • exca 19 luglio 2018, 09:28 exca
    Messaggi: 1177

    Hearest thou my voice, still?
    Quindi non hanno fixato la chromatic sword?
    Che va be tanto e' impossibile da farmare al momento, alle 5 prima del reset pure nei server RP tedeschi ci stavano tipo 20-30 persone a camperare il raro.
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