• Battle for Azeroth è uscita da un mese e sebbene molti utenti si stiano godendo il conflitto fra Orda e Alleanza non è possibile ignorare le problematiche che stanno affliggendo alcuni sistemi di gioco. Al centro delle critiche da parte della community ci sono soprattutto il Cuore di Azeroth e i tratti d'Azerite, ma non mancano discussioni anche vivaci sul gameplay delle Classi.

    Per rispondere alle domande su questi ed altri argomenti, Ion Hazzikostas si è offerto (come tributo) per un reddit AMA che si terrà stasera alle ore 23.00 italiane. Per il Game Director questo AMA è un modo per intavolare effettivamente una discussione con la community, piuttosto che affidarsi a un video Q&A dal tempo limitato oppure a un lungo ed elaborato bluepost.

    Ion Hazzikostas/Reddit ha scritto

    Hi everyone !

    We're very excited to be hosting a Developer AMA tomorrow, Friday 14th with Ion Hazzikostas, Game Director of World of Warcraft. He will be answering your questions starting at 2:00pm PDT (click here for conversion in your time zone). The AMA will be mainly focused on the Live Game (current ideas, problems, etc.).

    Official comment

    From Ion Hazzikostas :

    Hi. Just for some additional context in advance of this AMA: I suggested and volunteered to do this, and I'm looking forward to it. I know there are a ton of questions and concerns that feel unanswered right now, and a need for much more robust communication on our end. I am accountable for everything that goes into WoW, so that should begin with me. A standard streamed Q&A wouldn't really be sufficient to cover the range of topics that are likely to come up, since we're limited in the number of questions we can fit in. And a forum post or blog would end up as a giant wall of text that doesn't feel much like a conversation. So r/wow felt like the perfect place to address a wide range of topics in an open forum.

    I'm planning on spending at least a couple of hours responding, and I'll try to cover as much as I can. It'll just be me tanking this, so apologies in advance if I can't field a question about the nuances of Swift Roundhouse interactions for Windwalkers, or whatever.

    Also, to be clear, we don't view a one-off AMA as a silver bullet. It's impossible for everyone to agree with every decision we make, but you shouldn't feel unaware of them or disconnected from why we chose a given course to follow, and that will take a sustained effort on our part.

    See you all in ~24 hours!

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