• Nella recente patch della beta di Battle for Azeroth sono state aggiunte alcune caratteristiche per il PvP: Modalità Guerra, il nuovo sistema dei talenti e i nuovi tier.

    • La Modalità Guerra, attivabile nella capitale della propria fazione, ci farà entrare in modalità PvP permettendoci di attaccare e di essere attaccati dagli altri giocatori; inoltre affrontare le attività nel mondo aperto in questa modalità garantirà il 15% di esperienza in più dal completamento delle missioni e dall'uccisione dei mostri.

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    • Il nuovo sistema dei talenti PvP permetterà di selezionare 4 talenti, inseribili negli slot laterali presenti nella schermata dei talenti. Al contrario di quanto avviene in Legion questi talenti non andranno sbloccati tramite i Livelli Onore ma saranno disponibili fin da subito.

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      Yep with the build today guys the PVP talents are finally in the Beta! Please keep in mind these are a bit of an early work in progress and we're very eager to hear your feedback on them. Currently nothing is 100% set in stone regarding them so please murder each other and give us your thoughts :)

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      Will there be any updates to the current honor talents to reflect class changes in BFA? Some classes are in desperate need after changes to their class design outside of honor talents. For example windwalker with 45 second cd paralysis is a huge nerf to pvp.

      We will be doing some changes to honor talents based upon core class changes to selected classes. We may introduce new honor talents as well where appropriate. That said, I'd caution against expectations of huge sweeping changes or revisions to the current talents. We shouldn't underestimate the possibility of new gameplay surfacing from the fact that you can choose among all of the honor talents in the new system.It would be good feedback for us to hear how you feel your spec/class has changed in PvP from Legion to now with the new honor talent system and choices available. Stuff like "I'll never take x because you can now get y" or "I'll never take x because of a new core talent added called y."

      Thanks for the feedback.

    • In Battle for Azeroth saranno aggiunti dei tier per le Arene 2v2, 3v3 e per i Campi di Battaglia classificati; ogni tier si ottiene raggiungendo un determinato valore di rating, si potrà passare poi a quello successivo aumentando il proprio punteggio.
      Il livello minimo del tier successivo risulta leggermente inferiore a quello che serve per ottenerlo, questo per evitare che si possa perdere troppo velocemente il grado appena guadagnato.

      • Unranked: 0 - 1400
      • Combatant: 1375 - 1600
      • Challenger: 1575 - 1800
      • Rival: 1775 - 2100
      • Duelist: 2075 - 2400
      • Gladiator: 2375+

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    In BfA we are doing some meaningful re-structuring of the PvP itemization system, as well as the ranking system. We're still massaging the system, but we'd like to share some details which may help alleviate some of your concerns. Keep in mind some of this stuff could still change. No pony promises.

    New ranking system
    We're updating the ranking system to better mirror the other games at Blizzard. WoW via arena is actually one of the first competitive games at Blizzard to have a rating system, so it's fair to say it's time for an update. To that end we want to bucket players in rankings similar to StarCraft or Overwatch using labels such as Gold, Platinum etc. (We're still going to have our own titles (Challenger, Rival, Duelist etc.)) We feel these rankings have grown to common verbage in the competitive PvP community so we're happy to bring them to WoW. Keep in mind that you'll still be able to see your rating at end of match and within the UI. And we're also looking to add your actual rank in the UI as well (as in, you're rank #10 in the region).

    New iLevel reward scheme
    Similar as in Legion, we're going to reward you with better gear based upon your competitive standing. However, in Legion we rewarded you incrementally in a linear fashion. So as you gained more rating, your iLevel gradually increased. We found this didn't reflect the distribution of players very fairly in terms of appropriate reward for effort in the system. (Translation: The iLevel of rewards was generally too low) In result we're changing the distribution instead to be something of a bell curve, to match the new ranking system. What this means is that players in Challenger/Gold (1600-1800 around) will have a chance at ~Normal raid quality loot, Rival/Platinum (starting around 1800) with Heroic Raid quality loot, and so on.

    Epic Appearances and other rewards
    Different rewards will be tied to different rankings. In Legion you got the entire Epic appearance when you hit 2000 rating, in BfA this will be gradually rewarded to you at different ranks. And you will instantly get the look after you achieve that rank, rather than a end of season calculation. We totally get the concerns with potentially too broad of brackets. And we definitely agree the competitive spirit often burns brightest at the highest ratings, so it's something we'll be mindful of. Season Gladiator mounts (and likely glad titles) will still be a % distribution at end of season like in the past, and we could see new rewards for the upper brackets as we shift some of the others (Epic appearances) downwards.

    Weekly Conquest
    As discussed in the past, we're introducing a conquest system based upon past designs. You will earn conquest from doing PvP activities (mostly rated, but some also from War Mode) that will fill a bar for a reward each week. This is intended to be attractive to the average player. One of our biggest goals with the new system is to better align the effort and reward in contrast to all of the other parts of the game, especially at the lower rankings who perhaps in Legion (or in the past) didn't see it as worth their time. I think we can all agree that more players doing competitive PvP is a worthwhile goal.We hope to have these systems live in beta soon, and hope to hear your feedback!

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