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    • Le cavalcature e le mascotte mancanti saranno visualizzate all'interno delle rispettive interfacce.
    • Il numero di amici BattleTag aumenterà in futuro, ma questa modifica è complessa perché questo cambiamento va apportato a tutti i videogame Blizzard.
    • La scheda delle Valute subirà probabilmente delle modifiche e spariranno valute meno recenti. Per il momento rimane comunque possibile nasconderle segnandole come Inattive.
    • La Pietra del ritorno (Hearthstone) non diventerà un bottone perché non si vuole perdere la connessione con l'oggetto fisico che rappresenta. Inoltre è una parte iconica del gioco e non subirà modifiche.
    • Per la stessa ragione, gli artefatti di archeologia non subiranno modifiche. La speranza è quella di riuscire a liberare spazio nelle borse in altri modi.
    • È previsto in futuro il rifacimento completo dell'interfaccia delle Imprese, potrebbe arrivare ad includere una funzione di ricerca. Non è qualcosa su cui Blizzard sta lavorando per la prossima espansione.
    • Al Dungeon Journal saranno aggiunte per completezza in futuro anche le spedizioni e incursioni Classic, Burning Crusade e Wrath of the Litch King. Non è qualcosa su cui Blizzard stia lavorando per la prossima espansione.
    • Non è previsto l'aumento del limite limite di 25 missioni che è possibile avere nel registro delle missioni. Questo è un problema che si presenta più a coloro che vogliono rivisitare dei contenuti vecchi e che si ritrovano ad avere molte quest di colore grigio.

    Bashiok ha scritto
    Happy Friday! I thought it'd be nice to throw answers at all of these. The focus of your WoW gaming (judging by the questions at least) seems to be really focused on "completionist" activities, which is awesome, but of course the majority of our efforts are going to be focused on making Warlords at the moment, and releasing the expansion, so some answers are just going to be "no plans", hopefully that makes good logical sense for where we're spending our time. :) Anyway, here we go.

    Are there any plans to make the BoP profession patterns from BT/Hyjal/Sunwell/Ulduar/etc BoE?

    No current plans.

    Are there any plans to remove the class requirements for Sunwell engineering patterns?

    No current plans.

    Are there any plans to revisit Been Waiting a Long Time for This (25 player) and (10 player) to make them more doable like you did with Sinestra?

    No plan to do so – it’s still quite doable with the new dispel system and a couple of players. Sinestra’s actual mechanics were changed because the fight demanded spam-dispelling in some cases.

    Are there any plans to create a mount and/or pet preview window by shift clicking?

    It’s a cool idea, and something we’d like to do at some point. Pretty sure there are some addons that do this right now, though.

    Are there any plans to display missing mounts/pets (greyed out) in the mounts/pet tabs?

    Yes! This is possible in Warlords, including brief instruction on where they can be found.

    Are there any plans to give the Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker feat of strength for Thunderfury's created on characters that can't equip it now that achievements are account-wide?

    The FoS is to be a “wielder” and does require equipping it. No plans to change that.

    Are there any plans to create reputation achievements for serious reputation grinders? The possible exalted reputation count has far exceeded the associated reputation achievements for some time, making it somewhat unrewarding to receive these achievements the day they are released. Currently sitting at 75 exalted and the last achievement was for 60, which was achievable before MoP.

    We’ll probably update Rep achievements again in Warlords.

    Are there any plans to increase the cap on amount of battle-tag friends?

    It's something our Battle.net team is working on. Due to the complexity of each separate Blizzard game on Battle.net needing to adopt the same increase, as well as other technical requirements I don’t myself understand, it's not a simple change.

    Are there any plans to convert the hearthstone into a spell so it doesn't take up a bag slot? It's been doing so since 2004, I'm about to start charging it rent.

    Turning items into clickable spells can be great, but it can also decrease the sense that you're actually interacting with tangible objects within the world, and instead are a person at a computer clicking on buttons. We don't want to reduce everything about existing in this virtual world to a binary button or mechanic. It’s an iconic part of the game, and it’s really just a single slot out of many slots.

    Are there any plans to prune the currency tab? It is getting convoluted again.

    Potentially. In the meantime there is the ability to set a currency as inactive through the UI, which helps keep some from being front and center.

    Are there any plans to add Domination Point Commisions to the currency tab?

    No, they're gained and spent quickly, and aren't intended to be an ongoing currency. Would recommend either spending them now or deleting what you have, they're not likely to see any more or less use in the future. If you ever want to get more in the future they’re pretty quick to farm up.

    Are there any plans to handle archaeology artifacts in the same way as fragments? My bag space is precious.

    This falls in line with the answer for the hearthstone question above. Hopefully we can free up a lot of that bag space for you though in Warlords.

    Are there any plans to implement a search function for achievements?

    It's something we want to add, but it's not currently scheduled. Wish list item at the moment. We want to make some larger Achievement UI changes, and this could be a part of that. But again, it’s not something we’re actively working on for this expansion.

    Are there any plans to make older Jewelcrafting recipes (Wrath/Cata) more obtainable? Those dailies are painful.

    Not at the moment. They're not required, and so are really only a test of will for those that want to be completionists. And that's probably ok.

    Are there any plans to add Classic, Burning Crusade, and/or Wrath raids to the Dungeon Journal?

    It's still on our to-do list. We continue to make some progress here and there as we go, but obviously a large majority of our effort goes toward upcoming content so it’s just finding the time to do all the nice-to-haves.

    Are there any plans to allow me to have more than 25 quests?

    We are making some changes to the quest log, but they don't generally include a higher limit. For most people, having a large list of tasks--usually around 15-20--can start to feel overwhelming, and for a lot of those people being overwhelmed is a deterrent to playing at all. With Cataclysm, and certainly with newer zones in Mists and Warlords, it's very rare you'll have that many quests at any one time. The quest limit is generally only an issue for those looking to go back and do older content where they vacuum an entire zone, or for those times when leveling when you're outpacing the content and should probably drop quests and move on instead of keeping a bunch of grey ones. That's a separate problem though, and not best solved by increasing the amount of XP-less grey quests you can hold on to. Anyway, no, we know some people would like to be able to store a ton of quests, but it would be a big issue for a lot of players if they ever accidentally got to that point.

    Are there any plans to completely remove deprecated quests? I have an alt with a Cataclysm opening quest completed but the quest turn-in NPC is no longer available.

    We do have passes that will remove quests from people's logs, but sometimes those things slip through the cracks (especially with the radical Cataclsym changes) as we update content. What’s the name of the quest? I can see about getting it bugged.
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  • Grevier 07 giugno 2014, 22:30 Grevier
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    "La Pietra del ritorno (Hearthstone) è una parte iconica del gioco e non subirà modifiche."

    Ma che modo di ragionare è...
  • grallenRedazione 08 giugno 2014, 22:12 grallen
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    Dal caos si crea l'ordine e dell'ordine si genera il caos.
    Niente di che per ora vediamo in futuro. 1
  • Greymane 09 giugno 2014, 00:10 Greymane
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    “War is our sculptor. And we are prisoners to its design.”
    - Javik [Mass Effect 3]
    concordo con Grallen, niente di che per ora.
    Comunque sia: non capisco il motivo di mettere le Domination / Commandation poimts nelle currency, direi di averne ancora una cosa del tipo 400, e considerando che sono giá Exalted con la Dominion Offensive da quel pezzo, non avrei proprio idea di cosa farmene
  • Ljnx 09 giugno 2014, 22:56 Ljnx
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    Il nostro vincolo è indissolubile
    la nostra volontà incrollabile,
    chi oserà opporsi a noi?!

    -Grom Malogrido
    Greymane ha scritto:concordo con Grallen, niente di che per ora.
    Comunque sia: non capisco il motivo di mettere le Domination / Commandation poimts nelle currency, direi di averne ancora una cosa del tipo 400, e considerando che sono giá Exalted con la Dominion Offensive da quel pezzo, non avrei proprio idea di cosa farmene

    Bah magari lo fanno giusto per far vedere che fanno qualcosa rofl
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