[SPOILER] Reclutamento Draenei Forgialuce e Tauren Altomonte
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    Dal caos si crea l'ordine e dell'ordine si genera il caos.
    E' uscito su Wowhead (allied Race Intro and Unlock Scenario Cutscenes (Spoilers)) l'articolo sui vari filmati datamainati delle razze alleate.

    Vediamo cosa ci aspetta come storia di due delle razze nuove viste finora (Draenei Forgialuce e Tauren di Altomonte). Ovviamente chi non vuole avere spoiler non vada avanti nella lettura. I dialoghi sono messi sotto spoiler per diminuire lo spazio occupato.

    Draenei Forgialuce

    La storia parte (come per tutte le razze alleata dell'Alleanza) nell'ambasciata dell'Alleanza dove seguiremo Turalyon fino alla Vindicaar dove qua vedremo delle reclute pronte ad affrontare la prova/rituale per essere forgiati nella luce

    Anduin Wrynn: Thank you for joining us, champion. These are dire times indeed.

    Anduin Wrynn: We all know the Alliance incurred heavy losses in the war against the Legion. And even now, the world bleeds in the aftermath of Sargeras's final strike.

    Anduin Wrynn: Meanwhile, the Horde musters its forces and arms for war. Their aggression must not go unanswered.

    Anduin Wrynn: Our future depends on bringing other like-minded allies into the fold. I call upon those of you gathered here for your suggestions.

    Turalyon: Victory on Argus was only possible because the heroes of Azeroth fought side-by-side with the Army of the Light.

    Turalyon: Many of our bravest soldiers gave their lives for the cause. Those who remain would be proud to join the Alliance.

    Turalyon: Among our number are brave initiates about to undertake the arduous path of becoming Lightforged.

    Anduin Wrynn: Thank you, High Exarch. Lightforged soldiers would indeed bring strength to our numbers.

    Anduin Wrynn: I am eager for the Lightforged to join the Alliance. Turalyon, bring our champion with you to the Vindicaar so that you may address your troops together.

    Turalyon: It will be done, High King.

    Qui faremo la conoscenza del personaggio T'paartos che deve affrontare la prova

    Personaggio particolare ed eccentrico che ovviamente si scorderà che deve avere un partner per affrontare la prova e che ovviamente sceglierà noi per accompagnarlo

    Fareeya: I did not expect you back so soon, High Exarch. I assume your meeting with the king went well?

    Turalyon: Indeed. He is eager to have the Army of the Light fighting on the side of the Alliance. Assemble our forces, captain, and I will make the announcement.

    Fareeya: You know how fond I am of your speeches, but can it wait? We were just about to send these initiates to undertake the trials.

    Turalyon: Ah, this is excellent timing, champion. You can see firsthand what it means for a soldier to become Lightforged. Proceed, Fareeya.

    Turalyon: T'paartos is a bit... unconventional. But he will serve our cause well.

    [img]Fareeya: T'Paartos... we have discussed this. Each initiate must be accompanied by a second. Where is yours?

    T'paartos: T'Paartos needs no one to aid him!

    Fareeya: The last initiate who attempted the trial alone came back in pieces. Choose a second, or head back to the barracks.

    T'paartos: So be it! T'Paartos shall bring... this puny one!

    Fareeya: An unorthodox choice, but... technically within the rules. I have never known $p to back down from a challenge.

    Fareeya: Let the trial begin. Light be with you both.[/img]

    L'intero scenario è una prova per l'animo e il fisico di T'paartos che deve superare le sue paure e angosce e portare a termine dei compiti specifici

    Esiste una mappa di nome "Lightforged Draenei Swamp" che sembra assomigliare alla zona Zorammarsh della Giungla di Tanaan di Warlords of Draenor.


    E' ancora tutto in divenire, quindi anche questa mappa non è da prendere al 100% sul serio.

    Sembra che attualmente il tutto girerà intorno a questo scenario ed una volta completato potremo creare il personaggio Draeneo Forgialuce

    Video di quando si crea il personaggio

    Tauren di Altomonte

    Come razza alleata dell'Orda, la storia parte all'Ambasciata dell'Orda

    Sylvanas Windrunner: Leaders of the Horde, I summoned you here--along with one of our greatest champions--because our enemies are gathering their strength.

    Sylvanas Windrunner: War is coming. We need fresh blood added to the ranks of the Horde. What say you?

    Baine Bloodhoof: Warchief, the tauren of Highmountain fought boldly alongside us in our campaign against the Burning Legion, just as our ancestors did long ago.

    Baine Bloodhoof: I have invited their leaders to a great feast in Mulgore. This could be a chance to bring them to our side.

    Sylvanas Windrunner: A simple people, but strong. They would be a boon on the battlefield.

    Lady Liadrin: I too have a suggestion, Warchief. The sin'dorei have maintained diplomatic ties with the nightborne since we helped liberate Suramar from the Legion.

    Lady Liadrin: The regent lord and I agree that our kingdoms have much in common. We believe the nightborne would make valuable allies.

    Sylvanas Windrunner: Even without the Nightwell, Suramar holds vast arcane resources. A most useful arrow added to my quiver.

    Sylvanas Windrunner: Each option would have its uses. I believe $n knows both these peoples. Which potential ally do you suggest we pursue first?

    Baine inviterà i rappresentanti di Altomonte ad una festa a Picco del Tuono. Qui Spiritista Corna Nere/Spiritwalker Ebonhorn si sentirà improvvisamente male

    Sylvanas Windrunner: Chieftain Bloodhoof, have our champion join you for your feast in Thunder Bluff. By the time dessert is served, I want their oath of loyalty to the Horde.

    Baine Bloodhoof: It shall be so, Warchief.

    Baine Bloodhoof: Thank you for coming, Mayla. It is my honor to welcome you to Mulgore.

    Mayla Highmountain: Your invitation was most kind, Baine. It is time for our two peoples to renew our bonds of kinship.

    Baine Bloodhoof: It is of kinship that I wish to speak. I hope that--

    Spiritwalker Ebonhorn: I should never... have left... the mountain...

    Mayla Highmountain: Ebonhorn! What dark force grips you?

    Mayla Highmountain: I must get Ebonhorn back to Highmountain at once!

    Baine Bloodhoof: I know this power all too well. Champion! We need your help!

    Qui dovremo proteggere la città dall'attacco delle forze del vuoto guidate da un essere di nome Uulgyneth. Alla fine Mayla (capo delle tribù di Altomonte) porterà lo spiritista nuovamente ad Altomonte

    Baine Bloodhoof: We will drive your shadow from Mulgore!

    Baine Bloodhoof: Hahahaha! It feels good to swing my mace again!

    Baine Bloodhoof: Thunder Bluff will be free of you!

    Baine Bloodhoof: Go back to the void that spawned you!

    Baine Bloodhoof: Very well. We will drive this Old God filth from Thunder Bluff.

    Uulgyneth: Destroy them! They must not hinder my return!

    Baine Bloodhoof: Your masters will not take my city, monster!

    Baine Bloodhoof: I must be certain the Old Gods' minions are driven from Mulgore.
    Spiritwalker Ebonhorn: Mayla... the pools...

    Mayla Highmountain: I understand, my friend. Baine, I must get Ebonhorn back to Highmountain.

    Baine Bloodhoof: Go to Highmountain and aid Mayla, champion. I will join you soon.

    Ad Altomonte dovremo richiedere l'aiuto di Graysky per curare la mente dello Spiritista Corna Nere e grazie a qualche tipo di rituale salveremo la mente del drago nero.

    A questo punto ritorneremo a Picco del Tuono

    Mayla Highmountain: The waters have soothed Ebonhorn, but I fear he is slipping away.

    Mayla Highmountain: Ebonhorn is not well. We must find a way to bring him back from the brink. Speak with Spiritwalker Graysky. I believe he can help.

    Mayla Highmountain: I will remain here while Graysky aids you. Pray that restoring the wards will mend Ebonhorn's mind.

    [img]Spiritwalker Ebonhorn: The whispers... they have stopped. Thank you, champion, Graysky.

    Spiritwalker Ebonhorn: My mind is my own again. Return to Thunder Totem, champion. Let us gather strength for what is to come.

    Baine Bloodhoof: Champion! Graysky told me of your courage.[/img]

    Si viene sapere che millenni prima Huln aveva sigillato Uulgyneth ma ora si è liberato ed è pronto a prendere il controllo dei Tauren e del drago. Grazie alle azioni di Baine e del campione però viene sconfitto e i Tauren di Altomonte si uniscono all'Orda

    Mayla Highmountain: But our work is not done yet. Ebonhorn, we must know what this Darkness wants.

    Spiritwalker Ebonhorn: Follow me, champion.

    Spiritwalker Ebonhorn: Long ago, the Old Gods sought to lay claim to Highmountain. Their campaign was led by a terrible general... Uul'gyneth the Darkness.

    Spiritwalker Ebonhorn: Huln gathered heroes from among the tribes to stand together. They fought against Uul'gyneth's servants, the Necrodark... but the forces of shadow were too great to overcome.

    Spiritwalker Ebonhorn: So Huln devised another plan. Wards were placed to lock away the Old Gods' influence. Though the general survived, Uul'gyneth's essence was trapped.

    Mayla Highmountain: So the Necrodark have been lurking in the shadows, waiting to call forth their master.

    Spiritwalker Ebonhorn: Indeed. And when I left the mountain to visit Mulgore, the wards weakened just enough to let the Darkness take hold.

    Spiritwalker Ebonhorn: The last ward was placed at Highmountain Summit. That is where we must go. Just as Huln stood with his allies, so we must band together.

    Uulgyneth: Yes... come! Your strength will become ours, child of darkness!

    Baine Bloodhoof: Child of... What does he mean?

    Spiritwalker Ebonhorn: I... cannot say. Mayla, you and I must go on ahead. Baine, you and our champion gather the others and meet us at the summit.

    Baine Bloodhoof: Until we discover what's behind this attack, Mulgore will never be safe. I will come with you, Mayla. Let us face this darkness together.

    Uulgyneth: This mountain belongs to us, mortals. You will soon become vessels for this world's true power!

    Spiritwalker Ebonhorn: These heroes do not stand alone.

    Spiritwalker Ebonhorn: Together, we will banish your darkness!

    Uulgyneth: You will serve us, dragon, just as Neltharion did! Your kind always bends to the whispers.
    Mayla Highmountain: I cannot let the Darkness possess my father's body!

    Baine Bloodhoof: Mayla! We must stand together!

    b]Uulgyneth: Serve your true masters, drogbar! Your defiance means death!

    Uulgyneth: The Skyhorn shall serve my masters! You will become the shadow that darkens the skies!

    Uulgyneth: The Legion was nothing compared to our power! Surrender!

    Uulgyneth: You have failed! The Darkness rises... and Highmountain shall fall!

    Uulgyneth: The wards have weakened! He will be ours!

    Baine Bloodhoof: I did not realize that I had invited a dragon to feast with us at Thunder Bluff. Had I known, I might have set a bigger table!
    Spiritwalker Ebonhorn: Only Mayla and our champion knew my secret before. Now I entrust it to you as well, chieftain.
    Baine Bloodhoof:I see no reason for anyone else to know, spiritwalker. Let it be a matter kept... between friends.

    Spiritwalker Ebonhorn: I am free from the Old Gods' grip. Thank you, my friends.

    Mayla Highmountain: Today was very nearly a dark day for Azeroth.

    Mayla Highmountain: Had Uul'gyneth's plan succeeded, we all would have been made into servants of the Old Gods... including Ebonhorn.

    Spiritwalker Ebonhorn: I shudder at the thought, Mayla. Without the swift action of Baine and this champion, all would have been lost.

    Mayla Highmountain: Baine Bloodhoof, you have demonstrated courage, honor, and loyalty. I believe it is time for your people and mine to renew our bonds of kinship.

    Mayla Highmountain: If you will have us, the tauren of Highmountain would be proud to join your Horde.

    Baine Bloodhoof: The Horde will be honored to welcome you! Let us travel to Orgrimmar and share the good news with our Warchief.

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