[Spoiler] Battle of Lordaeron e altro...
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    Do You Like to PLay with Fire?
    Come fa a sembrarti sorpresa se è di spalle? O.o

    Il tizio per terra non so chi sia, probabilmente un elfo mezzo morto dopo la battaglia. Le navi ordaiole che si allontanano dal luogo del misfatto mi sembrano un segnale di quel che possono aver fatto. Ovviamente, sono tutte speculazioni ma dire che non ci sia lo zampino dell'orda mi pare un peletto azzardato :D
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    “War is our sculptor. And we are prisoners to its design.”
    - Javik [Mass Effect 3]
    IlDon ha scritto:Come fa a sembrarti sorpresa se è di spalle? O.o

    Per la sua posizione, braccia e gambe divaricate, come se abbia avuto un jump-scare rofl

    Il tizio per terra non so chi sia, probabilmente un elfo mezzo morto dopo la battaglia. Le navi ordaiole che si allontanano dal luogo del misfatto mi sembrano un segnale di quel che possono aver fatto. Ovviamente, sono tutte speculazioni ma dire che non ci sia lo zampino dell'orda mi pare un peletto azzardato :D


    Beh, è sicuro che l'Orda è presente, questo senza dubbio ed è certo che Teldrassil gli interessa, quello che intendo io è che io piani dell'Orda non penso prevedessero l'esplosione di Teldrassil, tutto quì
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    Dal caos si crea l'ordine e dell'ordine si genera il caos.
    Ed eccoci ai filmati che raccontano la storia della prima zona dell'Orda: Nazmir

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    Dal caos si crea l'ordine e dell'ordine si genera il caos.
    Nuovi text spoiler interessanti in arrivo

    Healing Azeroth

    Champion, come back te Silithus. I've discovered how we can be healin' Azeroth!
    Magni, tell me what we can do to heal Azeroth.
    The Heart of Azeroth can heal the planet's wounds... but ye need to get it more power if we're gonna stop it permanently.
    More wounds be appearin' throughout the planet, and more forces be seekin' te use it for their own ends.
    Ye need te stop these forces and absorb any azerite they be usin' te empower the heart!

    Warfronts Alliance and Horde Dialogue

    Alliance: You dare invade Stromgarde, rightful home of the Trollbanes? Get out of my sight, green-skin.
    Horde: "Green-skin"? Ohoho... now you've made me mad.

    Alliance: You dare invade Arathi? With a TROLL as your commander? You've made a terrible mistake.
    Horde: Danath Trollbane... you an' I got a bone to pick! I'll be seein' ya out on the battlefield...

    Alliance: Ah ah ah. Ye best stop right there, lass, 'less ye want a face full o' Alliance mortar shells.
    Horde: I'd like to see you try, Muradin. This is Horde territory now.

    Alliance: What's this... Horde invaders, with a paladin in command? What has this world come to?
    Horde: You've been away for too long, Turalyon. The world's moved on without you.

    Alliance: Lady Liadrin! Welcome to Arathi. I trust you're here to surrender?
    Horde: Hah! Think again, old man. We're here to take Stromgarde back.

    Horde: Muradin! Your dwarves have overstepped their bounds. Go back beneath your mountain.
    Alliance: Why don't you go back to yer barren wasteland, ye flea-bitten orc!
    Horde: What you be doin' here, Muradin? You lookin' for a fight?
    Alliance: No, I'm lookin' for a pack o' Horde mongrels to wet my blade on!
    Horde: Back off, Muradin. The Horde holds this territory.
    Alliance: You Horde'll be holdin' their swollen arses after I'm done with 'em! Hah!

    Horde: Is that Alliance scum I smell on my battlefield? Looks like it's time for a fight.
    Alliance: It is time to purge you and your Horde army from the hills of Arathi, Eitrigg.
    Horde: Watch de shadows, Turalyon. Me an da Horde be comin' for ya...
    Alliance: The Light is with us, Rokhan. We fear no shadows.
    Alliance: That's where you're wrong, Lady Liadrin. Alliance flags will fly over Arathi once again.

    Horde: Danath Trollbane. Pleased ta finally make your acquaintance...
    Alliance: The feeling is not mutual, shadow hunter.
    Horde: Stand down, Danath. The Trollbanes' claim on this land expired years ago.
    Alliance: No, Arathi belongs to ME. You and your Horde will pay for your trespass, Eitrigg.

    Horde: Turalyon? Hmm! This should be interesting...
    Alliance: Indeed it should, Lady Liadrin. I look forward to striking down a twisted, villainous paladin of the Horde.

    Warfronts Taunts Horde

    High Perch is ours. Where's that retribution, Turalyon? I'm waiting...
    High Perch belongs to the Horde. Or should I say... the "green-skins".

    Now, bring in the demolishers! Take down that gate! We'll hang that dwarf's rotten head on a pike!
    Now, bring in the demolishers! Take down that gate! This battle is as good as over!

    Now, bring in the demolishers! Take down that gate! Let's show that Trollbane idiot what a few green-skins can do!

    Muradin... we've taken High Perch. You ready to come out an' fight yet?
    High Perch is ours, Turalyon. De shadows draw closer...
    High Perch has fallen to da Horde, Trollbane.

    Send in de demolishers! Dat dwarf can't hide behind his gate forever!
    Send in de demolishers! No Light gonna protect dat paladin from de might of da Horde!
    Send in de demolishers! Destroy de gate! An' bring me de head of dat old fool Trollbane!

    Bring in the demolishers! Destroy their gate! Force that dwarf to show his face!
    Bring in the demolishers! Destroy their gate! Your time has come, Turalyon!
    Bring in the demolishers! Destroy their gate! Reduce Stromgarde to rubble!

    Ya walked right into my trap, Muradin. Shadow hunters, show yourselves!
    Your Light can't save you now. Assassins, show yourselves!

    None o' dis land is yours, Trollbane. De Horde takes what it wants.
    Alliance justice? Hah! Windriders, show them the meaning of Horde fury!
    An' they don't call me shadow hunter for nothin' either. Now, assassins. Show yourselves!

    Send the demolishers! The walls of Stromgarde will crumble under the might of the Horde!
    Send out de machines of war! We gotta crush dese Alliance insects before they can crush us!
    Deploy the demolishers, now! We can't let the Alliance get a foothold!

    Warfronts Taunts Alliance

    High Perch belongs to the Alliance! Ready to wave that white flag yet, lassie?

    Quickly, bring in the siege engines! Take down the gate! Blow those orcs ta bits!
    Quickly, bring in the siege engines! Take down the gate! Burn that troll's hut to the ground!
    Quickly, bring in the siege engines! Take down the gate! Show that lassie Liadrin what dwarven mortars are made of!

    High Perch is ours. We will soon claim Northfold. We're coming for you, Rokhan.
    High Perch has been captured. The Light stands with the Alliance.
    High Perch is ours. This is your last chance, blood elf... surrender, and I might just spare your life.

    This is our chance. Siege the gate! Your end has come, Eitrigg!
    This is our chance. Siege the gate! The Light has come for you, Rokhan!
    This is our chance. Siege the gate! Show retribution to these Horde impostors!

    Now, siege engines, blast down that gate. This upstart orc will know the meaning of Alliance justice!
    Now, siege engines, blast down that gate, and bring Rokhan to me! They don't call me Trollbane for nothing...
    Now, siege engines, blast down that gate. I'll have that blood elf's head on a pike outside my gates!

    And I can smell yer arse from down here! Bring it on, orc!
    Keep waiting, orc. It shall come soon enough.

    Pshh. You and your kind are all the same. You'll die on your knees, like the rest did.
    Soon enough, laddie. I figure I'll let me riflemen soften ye up a bit first.
    Ye'll have to get to it first, laddie. Dark Irons, now!

    I've won and lost thousands more battles than you've ever seen, Eitrigg. And this battle is far from lost. Lightforged, attack!
    Stromgarde still stands, orc. I'll enjoy watching your corpse float in my moat. Gryphons, attack!

    Yet the Light still shines over Stromgarde.

    Shut your mouth, troll. The Alliance will prevail over your filthy army of monsters.
    Bring it on, Rokhan! I've been waiting for you. Dark Irons, now!
    Now, Lightforged! Overwhelm the Horde. Bring down those tanks!
    This old fool's still got a few tricks, troll. Gryphon riders, attack!

    Save your celebrations, blood elf. You still have to deal with me.
    I'll defend Stromgarde to my last, lassie. Dark Irons, your time has come!
    The Light is behind me. Lightforged, bring those demolishers down!

    I lost this city once - I won't lose it again. Especially to the likes of you. Gryphons, attack!

    Load yer rifles and draw yer steel.
    Today we retake the hills of Arathi... for tha Alliance!
    Soldiers of the Alliance! Today, we reclaim the noble city of Stromgarde from the monstrous Horde.
    For the Alliance!

    Stromgarde has been despoiled by invaders for too long.
    Today, we claim what is rightfully ours. For the Alliance!

    Tortollan and Cooking

    We tortollans have traded on this spot for a very long time. Eventually the Zandalari built up around us, but hard times have come upon them. We, of course, will endure.

    Have you ever heard of something called 'Centry Sauce' ? Do you have any?
    "Oh! I've wanted to use Century Sauce for ages! It's a cooking paste made of several ingredients all blended together and then allowed to ferment for centuries. The longer it ferments the more complex the flavor profile. It is said to add a distinctive spice and tang to any dish.

    There are rumors some of the Tortollan traders carry it, but it is rare and wildly expensive.

    <Xun Xun sighs wistfully>

    It is a chef's dream ingredient!"

    "Hmmmmm. Yes. Let me look.

    <Kooda rummages around for a long while before pulling out a jar from the depths of the pack.>

    Bought this a couple hundred years ago. I'd forgotten about it. I suppose I could sell it."

    Azerite and Islands

    Ship's docked. Don't get yourselves killed, ha! Heh heh.
    This is the place. Azerite's waiting for ya, get to it!
    Ay, keep ya eyes open, we got company out here.
    Some new friends just showed up, heh heh.
    Things about to get a bit more interesting.
    Hull's half full, keep it up and we be done in no time.
    Ay, ya doin great out there, we're half done now.
    Got about half the ship left to fill, keep ya eyes sharp.
    Dis isn't normal weather ya know, there's gotta be a mighty elemental coming after our azerite.
    Ay, we the attention of some powerful elementals, keep a look out for the leader.
    The elements are against us today, haha. Probably after the same thing we are.
    Gotta be a lord of the elements behind this. Ya wanna slay them, take their azerite too.
    Getting hot out there, gotta be a lord of fire showed up to take our azerite. Ya wanna extinguish him before our sails catch fire, ha ha.
    Ay, dis blizzard's gotta be following around mighty lord of water. Ya put him out of his misery already, I hate the cold.
    Wind's rippin everything apart, bet ya there's a lord of wind behind this. Probably got a load of azerite himself, waitin for ya.
    Ha ha, can't stand on my own two feet with this quake. There's a powerful earth elemental out there, lookin for azerite just like us.
    We almose done, ya doin a good job.
    Hull's nearly full, just a bit more and we be done.
    Ya nearly through, keep ya heads down, just a bit more.
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    Dal caos si crea l'ordine e dell'ordine si genera il caos.
    Nuovi text spoiler dimostrano della forte presenza della Regina Azshara nelle vicende dei troll e della manipolazione sul concilio Zanchuli. A quanto pare il profeta Zul vuole far rinascere il primo sovrano degli Zandalari Zuldazar, per rovesciare l'attuale imperatore Rastakhan

    Most exalted, Queen Azshara. We have infiltrated the Zanchuli council. It was far easier than either of us suspected. Half of the council has sworn to our cause. The other half will stand, or fall, when the time comes. The path of resistance will soon be clear.

    Rastakhan assumed the Zanchuli Council wanted to be in service of the people. The people don’t deserve service! They are selfish, foolish, hopeless, but I digress. I will bring the Zandalari back to greatness...whatever form that may take.

    Your kingdom will rise. We will both rule, as we were meant to do. None will be left to oppose us.

    A new world order lies ahead!

    Your work within the Council is laudable. We do look forward to thanking you in person.

    It seems there were few relics to be found where you suggested. We have sent a new force, under his guidance to find what the others missed.

    He is certain, there is power to be found there.

    I am concerned that shattering the temple was not enough. The ocean is Gral’s temple. However, with his followers lost, it is but a matter of time.

    There are plodding Tortollans everywhere these days. Fortunately, their wits are as quick as their feet, they suspect nothing of what we do.

    A new world order, indeed.

    –Signed Azshara

    Followers, hear me.

    When I journeyed to Pandaria, we attempted an ancient and forbidden ritual.

    We awakened Lei-shen, the Thunder King of the mogu, who had been dead for many ages of this world.

    In doing so, I learned the ancient ways to return an ancient king to life, and learned how to control them.

    Among the Zanchuli Council are many priests and mages of incredible power and forbidden knowledge. One of the most respected of these is Zul. Even as a child his dark and terrible visions had come true down to the last horrifying detail. He commanded fear and respect as one of the dark prophets: seers capable of witnessing great tragedies before they came to pass.

    In the months before the Cataclysm, Zul's nightmares were haunted by terrible visions of a world torn asunder. He consulted all the signs and was convinced that the Zandalari homeland would be destroyed in the coming apocalypse. He advised the council and the king to unite with the other troll tribes and to abandon their doomed homeland.

    Despite Zul's infamy, the council refused to believe in the scope of the disaster to come. Many felt that Zul was grandstanding to increase his own status and power. They scoffed as he and his followers began assembling a war fleet and reaching out to the lesser troll races.

    But Zul's visions were visions of the truth. Deathwing's Cataclysm rocked Zandalar to its foundations. Even now the mighty and enigmatic troll empire slides inexorably into the sea, and Zandalari peasants and warriors alike flock to Zul for guidance on what to do next.

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    Dal caos si crea l'ordine e dell'ordine si genera il caos.
    Genn Graymane at Lordaeron

    Brothers and sisters of the Alliance, hear me!
    The Horde's cowardly attack on Teldrassil brought war upon us... and made clear what is truly at stake.
    Their warchief's goal was not to capture a single city, but to destroy our way of life... and snuff out hope for generations to come.
    To secure our future, the Banshee Queen must answer for her crimes. Her dark reign ends today!
    Together we will drive her evil from this land... and raise our banners above Lordaeron once more!
    Stand as one! FOR THE ALLIANCE!
    Soldiers! Fall in and form ranks!
    King Anduin is leading the assault! Push past the reserves and secure the battlefield!
    Smoke is... so thick...
    These goblins must be stopped! Focus on the shredder!
    The blight is too dangerous, my king! We cannot afford to--
    My king, our siege towers are lost! Our numbers are waning...
    Agreed. I'll guard the rear flank.
    That accursed blight blocks our path. Our forces can't follow her.


    A fine kill... but our true prey retreated into the shrine.
    Dark powers or no, you will be our next kill!
    Make peace with your queen, for your life ends here.
    Your head will soon be mounted on my wall!
    The pearl is not here. Perhaps Azshara's minion was more clever than he appeared.
    Hmm... The trail leads deeper into this foul-smelling passage.
    Keep your senses sharp. Some unseen force stalks us.
    It led us into its lair!
    Prepare yourselves. This beast will be a worthy hunt!
    It is the law of the wild. The strong take from the weak.
    The pearl is ours! With it, our vessels will become predators of the sea.
    Now then... time to carve a trophy.
    With the power of the Tide Pearl, our fleets will be unstoppable.
    The Alliance must not claim this prize. All who oppose us will fall!
    Now... let the hunt begin!

    Mag’har Orc

    You must be a Frostwolf, because you've made tracks to my heart.

    Phoenix Mage

    You... cheated...
    Burn this one down!
    You're out of position!
    Your odds of victory are slim to none!
    Ugh! What is that smell? Oh... the Alliance has sent its "finest". Do you know why they stink like that? It's because they eat so much cheese.
    Drown your stench in the ocean or bathe in my flames. The choice is yours, Alliance!
    Let's start some fires!
    More Incineration!
    Is it hot here, or is it just me? I'm joking... of course it's me!

    King Dazar

    Accordin' to me research, this be the resting place o' Zandalari's first king.
    It's a shame you're not ere, Zul, ta see your construct break.
    Could've stuffed your diseased corpse into one o' these sarcophagi.
    Ha! If that was the best ya had, Zul, no wonder the troll empire fell!
    Ye heard 'em! We best figure out the source o' this Old God corruption... so we can drop the hammer on it!

    I will shred your flesh!
    Even death cannot break de bond between us, my pets. Now feast... FEAST!
    Come, my dear ones. It is feeding time!
    Enough! You have earned de honor of dying by my hand!
    None can withstand my blade!
    Time to bleed!
    Hunting season has begun!
    You will pay for desecrating my temple!
    Can it be? Yes... At last!
    You could never take my crown!
    My legend will outlast yours!
    Dis is why I am king... and you are nothing.
    Silence, prophet of lies!
    I spent my life resisting your master, only for you to bind me to his will in death.
    Dese intruders will die... but I need not listen to your prattling while I make it so.
    You have broken Zul's hold! I serve dat swine no longer!
    Crawl back to your master and see how he rewards failure!
    You have freed me from a cruel fate, but Zul is merely a puppet in a larger plan.
    Even now his master gathers power. Zul will not rest until all de world is in de blood god's grip.
    For de sake of Zandalar... and for your kingdoms as well... you must stop him.

    Boss Mummy

    You have disturbed de dead!
    Prevent infection! Remove de brain!
    De blood curse must be purged!
    Prepare de body!
    Your bodies bear de infection!
    Your blood is cursed!
    De dead... must be... perserved...
    Return to dust!
    Free of pestilence!
    Rest now.
    We got a big order fer gryphon saddles, but we need more fur. Get ta work!


    You will be eradicated!
    The rotted screams will herald his arrival.
    We have always been in your mind.
    The wound festers. The world putrifies.
    Hunger insatiable, the king feasts.
    Lesser creatures must serve... or die!
    I am superior!
    How is this... possible...
    You were the weakest strain!
    So frail! So unworthy!
    Not a single worthy trait among you.
    Ug' crish zul Thraxas!
    Il qul zerakish!
    Ul basha krix.
    Hul bala miz rilakich...
    Ug' bwafa qilikx za!
    Ca' lish!
    Naza bul rexil qalic ul'.
    We are bound forever in the vastness of the deep.
    You are mine!
    I will await you... in the dark...
    I reside within your lungs!
    The fathoms will devour your screams!
    Beneath the tides, your truth awaits.
    Blood pours forth in the depths.
    The crawling ones have awakened!

    Boralus Harbor

    Here we are - Boralus Harbor. Aside from Proudmoore Keep, it's the most heavily guarded part of the city.
    You see, my mother was from Lordaeron and my father was a decorated knight of Stormwind. They sent me here during the Third War to keep me safe.
    Cyrus taught me to ride. Taught me to fight. He was one of Daelin Proudmoore's most trusted knights! Daelin hand-picked him to raise me.
    I always felt a little guilty about Cyrus being forced into a desk job to raise me. But I supposed it's the only reason he wasn't in the battle of Theramore.

    I don't know how long these walls will hold. We should not linger here.
    I take it this is your first visit to Kul Tiras? Don't worry, I'll make sure you're all settled in!
    Fortunately, we happen to know the Harbormaster. Cyrus was forced to take the job years ago, when I first arrived here as a child.
    This ferry connects to stations all along the interior coast of the sound. You'll need a ferry pass from the Harbormaster's office.

    The counting house is under heavy guard day and night. Feel free to store your valuables here.

    Ah, there's my girl. You must be restless, being cooped up here all day.
    Believe me, I know the feeling. I'll take you out for a flight soon, okay?
    Our final stop is the bank - it's on our way to the Harbormaster's office.

    This here's the best tavern in all of the Great Sea. I spend a lot of time in here pestering travelers to tell me their stories. Especially folks from the Eastern Kingdoms!

    Looks like some of your allies have already docked. Hopefully they got a warmer welcome than Jaina did…

    We know they're crooked, but without concrete proof we can't bring them to justice.
    Pretty much everybody works for them in one way or another. Even the gangs.
    Ashvane controls the nation's wealth. The Ashvane Trading Company holds all of the official state contracts for trade and production.
    The Proudmoores the military. The city guard and marines all answer to Lord Admiral Katherine Proudmoore. Technically, she rules the entire nation.
    Kul Tiras is made up of many houses, but the real power is split between Proudmoore and Ashvane.


    Da azerite be bendin' ta me blood magic!
    Da azerite... be ours... ta control!
    There be a huge amount of azerite nearby and enemies tryin' te use it for themselves. Stop them and absorb the azerite!
    With this azerite, we be one step closer to empowerin' the Heart of Azeroth to heal the planet's wounds.
    Our intelligence reports indicate the horde is planning to secure some kind of artifact from these Sethrak. Let's beat them to it shall we?
    Well that sure was not what I was expecting! I'm sure our mages will be wanting to take a look at this thing, excellent work, hero.
    The blood of Azeroth will fuel our queen!
    Too late... we have all the azerite... we need...!
    Azerite elementals are wreaking havoc in the area! Stop them and whoever is agitatin' them.
    Good work, champion. We need te stop anyone tryin' te take advantage of Azeroth's blood.
    Sweet sweet azerite!

    The Eyes of Sethraliss have been removed!
    Recover the jewels and place them back in their sockets so can we pass!
    This azerite shall grant me unlimited power! DIE!
    Hah... the sethrak already... know the secrets of... azerite...

    All will serve, even the very life force of Azeroth!
    Azeroth's... soul... will... serve.. the Mogu!
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    “War is our sculptor. And we are prisoners to its design.”
    - Javik [Mass Effect 3]
    Mmm quindi rivedremo Rexxar anche in BfA...e schierato, ufficialmente, da parte dell'Orda...questo sarà interessante.
    Sono anche curioso di chi possa essere questo Phoenix Mage...un Zandalari? Non sembrerebbe, visto l'accento non da Troll. E' sicuramente dalla parte dell'Orda. Un nuovo ordine degli Elfi del Sangue?
    Molto interessante anche il dialogo di King Dazar...c'è da capire chi sia però, perchè fino a prova contraria il re di Zandalar è Rastakhan...che riesca Zul nel suo intento a rianimare uno degli antichi re sepolti ad Atal'Dazar, ma uno di essi (King Dazar, per l'appunto) si rifiuta di seguire il malvagio piano di Zul? Interessante
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    Do You Like to PLay with Fire?
    Phoenix mage potrebbe essere Anasterian Suntrider? :D 0
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    Dal caos si crea l'ordine e dell'ordine si genera il caos.
    Nuovi text spoiler.

    Intro to Horde Scenario

    Our Warchief has requested you for a mission of great importance... and secrecy.
    Not even I know its nature yet.
    Has the Warchief summoned you?
    This doesn't concern you.
    How can we aid the Warchief if she keeps things from her advisors?
    Perhaps my queen would be more open if she were more assured of their loyalty.
    Her advisors are loyal...
    ... to the Horde.

    Ah-- there you are. I was beginning to wonder.
    I require the service of what appears to be a rarity-- someone I can trust completely.
    Certain members of the Horde seem to feel my recent actions have been... indiscriminate.
    But I understand precision very well.
    To win this war, the Horde needs allies.
    The boy king has something that does not belong to him. I want it back.
    You are to infiltrate Stormwind and liberate a political prisoner who could completely change the course of the war-- in our favor.
    Are you up to the task?


    This appears to be a conversation between Anduin and Saurfang, who is later imprisoned in Stormwind.
    [quote[Stand aside, Saurfang. This war is not yours to bear alone, and there is no honor in killing you.
    How dare you lecture me, boy? You know nothing of honor.
    I will NEVER stand down! I eat, sleep, and die by the sword. What price have you paid for your people?
    My father gave everything for the Alliance. The question is, are you willing to do the same?


    Champion, come see me at once, Azeroth has been whisperin' something... your name!
    Magni, I'm ready to speak to Azeroth. Magni, I'm ready to speak to Azeroth.

    Our world needs us, champion.
    Azeroth cries out in pain.
    Our world must be healed!
    Remember yer duty ta Azeroth.
    Ye mean ta tell me there's an ENORMOUS sword stabbed into the heart o' the planet... and ye've got time ta sit around pokin' me fer a laugh? GET BACK TA WORK!
    I know ye need te go help in this war, $n. Just make sure ye keep that amulet safe... we'll need it.

    Boralus and Katherine Proudmoore

    What is going on in there? It sounds like a riot! Oof, and you smell like a porter's pantaloons.
    Here we are - Boralus Harbor. Aside from Proudmoore Keep, it's the most heavily guarded part of the city. And the only place most visitors ever get to see.
    I spend a lot of time in here pestering travelers to tell me their stories. Especially folks from the Eastern Kingdoms!
    She's beautiful isn't she? Cyrus gave her to me when she was just a hatchling.
    Well that wraps up the tour. Time for you to meet Cyrus!
    You'll need a ferry pass from the Harbormaster. That won't be a problem.
    This ferry connects to stations all along the interior coast of the sound.
    Believe me, I know the feeling. We'll fly soon, alright?
    The market hosts merchants from all over Azeroth. There are many taverns, but this one's my favorite!

    They have steadily amassed power over the years since Daelin's passing. Pretty much everybody works for them in one way or another. Even the gangs.
    Ashvane controls our wealth. The Ashvane Trading Company holds almost all of the official state contracts for trade and manufacturing.
    The Proudmoores run the military. The city guard and marines all answer to Lord Admiral Katherine Proudmoore. Technically, she rules the entire nation.
    Kul Tiras is made up of several major houses. Here in Boralus, the power is mainly split between Proudmoore and Ashvane.

    The Waycrest family used to be strong supporters of Proudmoore rule, but lately all we hear from the west are troubling rumors of blighted lands and bloody witch hunts.
    Now unless the Alliance is suffering a crippling cabbage famine, I suspect you're interested in the fleet. Bad news...
    We have no idea where it is. The Tidesages have withdrawn into their monasteries, but seem unable - or unwilling - to guide the fleet home.
    We won't be much use in a war without their iron.

    Katherine will never agree to join the Alliance as long as she trusts Lady Ashvane. Even if she did, we can hardly help you fight the Horde without iron and ships.
    Katherine bears an immense burden. It's no wonder Jaina's return was so hard on her.
    No. Your children never really leave you.
    She mourns her husband, but she also lost her daughter that day at Theramore.

    King Greymane, it's an honor. You are free to remain in the harbor on my authority, and you may use my office as your war room.
    Taelia! Prepare to brief our guests on the situation in Drustvar and Stormsong Valley.

    Katherine Proudmoore turned us away and had her own daughter cast out as a traitor.
    So why are you helping us?
    Hmph... Let me tell you a story.
    Many years ago I was in a battle - well, I was in several battles, but this story is about one in particular.
    An orcish juggernaut struck our transport. Splinters from the gunnel ripped across the deck and found their way into the man next to me. A friend of mine.
    His wound should have been a ticket home, but he was ashamed to leave the war before we'd finished it. So, he patched himself up and lied to the medics.
    Days later my friend died in his bunk, screaming and drenched in sweat. His wounds had closed, but infection had set in. By the time he asked for help, it was too late.

    Katherine Proudmoore has her people's best interest in mind, but she is misguided. Kul Tiras still bears the scars of the Third War - nobody knows this better than Katherine.
    What she cannot see is the infection that has been allowed to fester and spread throughout our kingdom.
    I will stay quiet no longer. We need the Alliance as badly as you need us - perhaps more.
    Wise words. We shall prove to Katherine Proudmoore the truth that I myself learned at great cost.

    Stand down! Don't you know who that is?
    But sir... Lady Ashvane ordered-
    Lady Ashvane? Do you serve Lady Ashvane? Is that Lady Ashvane's crest upon your shield?
    No! You serve Kul Tiras! You wear the crest of Proudmoore! And you take your orders from ME

    Wildhammer Dwarves

    What's a Wildhammer dwarf doing out here?

    "My clan was wiped out by the Twilight's Hammer. The only reason I escaped was because my brother Keeland sent me away on his gryphon. Saved me life.

    Traveled most of the world before I settled 'ere in Kul Tiras. Found these folks hunting gryphons for meat and pelts. I showed them there was another way. Now they're the next generation of gryphon riders.

    Don't think I'll return home. This is my clan now."

    Horde Spying in Drustvar

    It seems the coven here has "employed" the manor's chefs to create rather unsavory dishes. It would best to eliminate them as soon as possible.
    One of the coven's top witches is sacrificing acolytes in an effort to gain more power. Destroy her and show this group that only the Dark Lady holds dominion over death.
    A large crow has been charmed by this coven for use against the villagers. While I have no love lost for the residents of Drustvar, its feathers would make for excellent fletches for our dark rangers.

    Alright fellas, hop on the hog. It's time to go see what this Drustvar place is all about... and how we can profit from it.
    Profit is a secondary concern. Our primary mission is to gather intel so we can gain an advantage over the Alliance.
    Pfsh. I'm only here for the azerite. Whatever recon you wanna do is your own prerogative.

    Alliance Spying in Nazmir

    We sent Captain Conrad ahead to build a fort. They say the blood trolls here might even be willin' ta trade, but I cannae imagine that'd come at a price worth payin'.
    Still, this here's a land that works 'gainst the Zandalari and their Horde associates. The enemy of yer enemy is yer... wait, what's that sayin'?
    No matter. Look. Listen. Keep those sharp eyes peeled. Unforgivin' lands aren't known ta forgive the unwary, $n.
    And... eugh... keep yer nostrils pinched. What's that foul-as-death rottin' stench?
    Looks like our welcome party is here. Harry's an interestin' one. Don't pay him no mind.
    Welcome! Welcome!
    We've been expecting you, our esteemed advisors and future fast friends.
    Captain Conrad left me with instructions.
    Where's the Captain?
    Ah! Ah ha! Right to the point, yes, yes. Not to worry! All is in order. Let's retire to safer environs behind our fort's walls, yes?
    Alright, no sign o' the Captain then. What's goin' on?
    Nothing untoward, I assure you! Our glorious Captain is off negotiating trade agreements with the local trolls.
    Heard they were savages wot practice bloody sacrifices.
    Oh heavens! Well, indeed, yes. I suppose that is accurate, mmm. But Captain Conrad is a glory to behold. Impressive, no doubt.
    Trade agreements with trolls! We even have bats prepared to send another trade offering to Zala'mar.
    Blast that! They won't get another red copper from us before me an' $n go see what's what.
    What's this all about, Harry?! Those offerin's you were sendin'... The soldiers were sacrificed! Blood drained from their bodies like a mug o' ale at Brewfest.
    <Harry's blood drains from his face.>
    My... oh my goodness. Surely the esteemed Captain Conrad had no knowledge of these macabre circumstances.
    Knowledge or no, it's time to get to the bottom o' this. Where'd this Captain head off to?
    Zul'Nazman, I believe. Or Tul'vor? In fact I believe they are one in the same. Or nearly so.
    Captain Conrad... is well, I trust?
    WELL?! That lassie was madder than a murloc on moon mead. Tried to sacrifice our lovely $c here to some blood god called G'huun.
    Oh dear. That is much worse than I feared. My deepest apologies for putting you in such a risky situation, sir Bronzebeard.
    Eh, not the worst I've seen. Still a sad story, though. We'll need to dispatch a messenger to let the High Commander know what transpired.
  • grallenRedazione 15 marzo 2018, 10:43 grallen
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    Dal caos si crea l'ordine e dell'ordine si genera il caos.
    Nuovi text spoiler: Broadcast Text for 26231 - Jaina and Saurfang from Intro Scenarios (Spoilers)

    Jaina and Alliance Scenario

    [RTC - JAM: Jaina Accepts the Mission - MATHIAS enters to give news that the ships pursuing Talanji were destroyed by a Zandalari fleet. The stakes are clear now: without a navy to match the Zandalari, the Alliance will be dominated by the Horde. JAINA offers to return to Kul Tiras and bring them back into the Alliance. After some trepidation, ANDUIN approves the mission.]

    [Loading screen -> IGC - Ship on open water, Jaina's nightmare, arrival at Boralus gates.]

    [IGC - Audience with Katherine - Jaina leaves her fate in Katherine's hands. Urged by Lady Ashvane to treat Jaina as a traitor, Katherine allows Jaina to be taken away to face justice. "She is already dead to me." Player is arrested.]

    "Beware, beware the Daughter of the Seas."
    "Beware," I heard him cry.
    His words carried upon the ocean breeze,
    As he sank beneath the tide.
    Those blood-soaked shores of Kalimdor,
    Where sailors fought and died.
    The admiral fell at Theramore,
    because she left his side.
    Why this? Why this oh Daughter of the Seas?
    Why this? Did you forget your seaside days?
    Always the pride of our nation's eyes,
    How could she go astray?
    When she did flee across the ocean deep,
    the admiral followed west.

    What else but sail to save a daughter's life,
    and pray she still drew breath?
    But there he found on the Western shores,
    Enemies 'on the rise!
    But when he faced those savage foes
    His daughter stood aside.
    Buried deep beneath the waves,
    Betrayed by family.
    To his nation, with his last breath, cried,
    "Beware the Daughter of the Seas."

    This is no time to wander off.
    Halt! Declare your intentions!
    Clear the way! Dangerous prisoner coming through!
    Come with us. And no more teleporting!

    I see the city guard is as prepared as ever.
    My father was so proud of them. He demanded perfect discipline, and they did not disappoint.
    Get those civilians back! Form a perimeter!
    Down that way is a bakery that makes the best sourdough you've ever tasted.
    I'll never forget that aroma. Like a warm embrace.

    Mommy, who is that lady?
    Come on, we're going home. Now!
    Lady Jaina... Is that really her?
    It's the daughter of the sea!
    S-she's come back to finish us!
    Forgive me...

    Saurfang and Horde Scenario

    Listen closely. We will not be in contact once we've entered Stormwind.
    Our scouts located a hidden entrance. The tauren and I will cover your escape.
    The Warchief and the Horde will disavow all knowledge of this mission should you be captured.
    I have supplied each of you with an easy death. If you find yourself out of options, use it.
    De 7th Legion be here. Whoever we breaking out, de humans not taking chances.
    I be going on ahead to find de prisoners. Watch my back.
    I think you best be taking this.
    We both know you are not here for me. Those you seek are down the hall.
    You not be coming with us.
    I see... If you are certain, High Overlord.
    I am. Lok'tar.

    I have stopped counting the days I have sat in this cell. It has, however, given me a great deal of time to reflect.
    You think you are here to take me back to Orgrimmar. Back to the Warchief. You are mistaken.
    After all she has done, I will never return to her Horde.
    What do you mean?
    Make sure you know the difference between loyalty and honor.
    And pray you never have to choose.

    Heart of Azeroth

    Magni, what does Azeroth want to give me?
    (Magni waves his hand and shows the sword of Sargeras stabbed into Azeroth)
    Azeroth was changed forever after Sargeras stabbed it with his sword.
    The problems in Zuldazar be triggered by the wounds inflicted upon our planet. She's dyin', champion.
    Take this. It be the Heart of Azeroth. It be givin' ye the power te stand against what's comin' next.
    And once it be growin' in power... it could seal the wounds caused by Sargeras and save our planet.

    Auction House

    Sold! Dreadnaught Pauldrons to the young man in front for 756 gold! Doesn't seem you can wear them, but oh well!
    Sold! A Big Love Rocket to the lovely lady for 1,412 gold! She will certainly be the talk of the town now!

    Dark Iron Shaman

    <A wormhole stretches out before you. Apparently you should be able to use this to create a building, somehow.>
    <Reach inside and pull something out.>
    <Reach inside and pull out something that feels more like a building.>
    You have no idea of the forces at play here, child.
    We've already got a good start here. What's missin'?
    Looks like me shaman are still in the mole machines. Knew I forgot somethin'.

    Hogger Costume

    Look, it's just a costume! See? Feel it! Now will you tell them to let me out of here? It was just a joke! Hogger wasn't really terrorizing Stormwind!


    Pretty soon I'll be as old as you!
    I like to roll!
    How do you carry stuff without a shell?
    When I grow up, I'm gonna read ALL the things!
    Tortol tortol tortol, I'm rolling everywhere. Tortol tortol tortol, my feetsies in the air.
    My mom says we're aphoobias... afavulous... ah... uhh... AMPHIBIOUS! Whew, finally got it!
    Water is so cool. I like water. Do you like water? What's your favorite thing about water? Mine is how wet it is. Water is cool, am I right?
    Good swimming.


    Our words are laced with power. This land will be ours!
    The storms themselves heed my call!
    Our rule... is the only... way...
    Kneel before your new masters!
    You will be broken by our might!
    You do not understand... what lies beneath...
    You will serve!
    We will reforge our empire with your bones!
    I will crush your skull in my hands!
    The Zandalari will honor their pact... or die!
    I am power manifest!
    Bow before me!
    Feel the fury of the storm!
    You will make a fine slave!
    The empire... will never... fall...
    Flesh is... weak...
    Even stone... breaks...
    Ours is the will... of the gods...
    The storm... fades...
    The thunder... can never... be silenced...
    A thousand battles... a thousand victories...
    My life... for the emperor...
  • SHABAM 15 marzo 2018, 11:29 SHABAM
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    Io non mi affido soltanto alla forza...
    Il mio potere è tutto attorno a te!
    Sono curioso come una scimmia di Saurfang, il dialogo è molto ambiguo.

    Quando ho scoperto il personaggio di Saurfang, la sua storia, mi sono "innamorato" di questo personaggio e sono saltato dalla sedia quando per la prima volta è comparso nella cinematic.
    Quando si è accasciato al suolo ero preoccupatissimo e quando ha caricato a cazzo duro l'Alleanza, dopo il "for the Horde" di Sylvanas, quella scena è stata molto intensa e coinvolgente.
    Spero che questo personaggio, così nobile a modo suo, venga valorizzato e non rischi di finire all'interno di complotti che lo possano portare "a tradire l'Orda" o ad essere eliminato.

    Già mi immaginavo al suo fianco nei Fronti di Guerra! :D
  • IlDon 15 marzo 2018, 14:19 IlDon
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    Do You Like to PLay with Fire?
    Il problema di Garrosh è che è fin troppo leale all'orda, al punto di non esserlo verso Sylvanas che a tutti gli effetti al momento risulta a mio parere personale essere ben lontana dall'orda di Thrall di cui Saurfang era un personaggio eminente.
    Quindi quello che mi viene da pensare è che Saurfang abbia dei seri dubbi sull'operato di Sylvanas, come darlgi torto del resto. Saurfang rimane uno dei personaggi di wow più amati, sia da ordaioli che da ally quindi non lo vedremo sparire tanto facilmente :)
  • seraknis 15 marzo 2018, 15:17 seraknis
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    Afking Mythic raids for <Blasphemy> Well of Eternity - Horde
    https://twitter.com/ChristieGolden/stat ... 1818546176 0
  • IlDon 15 marzo 2018, 16:36 IlDon
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    Do You Like to PLay with Fire?
    Per l'appunto ma per ora ci si diverte a fare supposizioni e discutere di aria fritta in maniera leggera :D Almeno ci si diverte un poco eheheh
  • seraknis 15 marzo 2018, 16:39 seraknis
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    Afking Mythic raids for <Blasphemy> Well of Eternity - Horde
    Sai com'è c'è gente che dice che si vuole suicidare perché brucia Teldrassil, volevo mettere le mani avanti :good: 0
  • grallenRedazione ieri, 12:00 grallen
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    Dal caos si crea l'ordine e dell'ordine si genera il caos.
    E' stato datamainato il boss finale della spedizione Siege of Boralus, che è Behamat


    Nella storia dell'Alleanza a quanto pare avremo il tradimento di Lady Ashvane verso la madre di Jaina, Katherine Marefiero/Proudmoore e si unirà con Azshara ed evocherà questo mostro a devastare il porto di Boralus.

    Anche nella parte degli Zandalari ci sarà il tradimento di Zul con molte morti importanti nei spiriti Loa. A quanto pare i due imperi, inizialmente prosperi e stabili, a fine storia dovranno unirsi con le altre razze data la loro debolezza e vulnerabilità

    Siege of Boralus Final Boss Dungeon Updates in 26231