Skorpyron - Suramar Palace -
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    Dal caos si crea l'ordine e dell'ordine si genera il caos.
    Eccoci ad un altro video del canale youtube Fatboss,del boss Skorpyron

    Overview: Skorpyron's lair is a constantly spawning chamber of scorpids, who join Skorpyron in battle during his Call of the Scorpid ability and also by proximity to players. Every 100 energy, Skorpyron casts Shockwave, a room-wide knockback, for which players need to take shelter behind Broken Shards, broken pieces of Skorpyron's Chitinous Exoskeleton.
    Damage Dealers:
    Take shelter behind broken Crystalline Fragments to protect yourself from [Shockwave].
    Break [Arcane Tether]s by moving away from the tether location.
    Take shelter behind broken Crystalline Fragments to protect yourself from [Shockwave].
    Break [Arcane Tether]s by moving away from the tether location.
    [Arcane Tether]s accrue during [Arcanoslash], and need to be broken to reduce damage taken.
    Take shelter behind broken shards to protect yourself from [Shockwave].
    Scorpid Spawning Grounds:
    Skorpyron resides in an active spawning grounds, continually creating scorpions which inhabit the space throughout the encounter.
    Crystalline Scorpid
    Energy Surge: Sends a shock of arcane magic at a target, inflicting 156750 to 173250 Arcane damage and an additional 15000 Arcane damage every half-second for 5 sec. This effect stacks.
    Volatile Scorpid (Heroic, Mythic)
    Scorpid Swarm: Causes nearby Scorpids to swarm, increasing damage done by 10% per Scorpid.
    Volatile Chitin: Volatile Chitin covers the Scorpid, exploding for 665000 to 735000 Fire damage to enemies within 15 yards upon death.
    Acidmaw Scorpid (Mythic)
    Toxic Chitin: The Scorpid's armor is coated in a heavy toxin, creating pools of Nature damage periodically and upon death.
    Shockwave: Expels pent up energy, smashing the ground and creating a shockwave which inflicts 390000 to 410000 Nature damage and knocks players back, destroying all Broken Shards. Players may stand behind Broken Shards to avoid Shockwave.
    Chitinous Exoskeleton: A chitinous exoskeleton of crystals cover the Scorpid, protecting it from damage, decreasing damage taken by 25%. As the Scorpid takes damage, the exoskeleton breaks apart, decreasing in potency.
    Exoskeletal Vulnerability: Breaking the Chitinous Exoskeleton stuns the Scorpid for 15 sec, increasing damage taken by 50%.
    Broken Shard: Exoskeletal pieces break off of the Scorpid from taking damage, inflicting 332500 to 367500 Arcane damage to all enemies upon impact. Standing behind these Broken Shards protect players from Shockwave.
    Call of the Scorpid: Lets out a resonating sound throughout the room, calling nearby Scorpids to aid in combat.
    Arcanoslash: Slashes all targets in a frontal 18 yard hemisphere, inflicting 341250 to 358750 Arcane damage. Targets become tethered near their location, suffering 22500 Arcane damage every second while within 10 yards of the tether. This effect stacks.
    Nether Discharge: Faces a targeted direction, discharging arcane energy, inflicting 760000 to 840000 Physical damage and stunning targets hit for 6 sec, increasing in duration for subsequent hits.

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