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    Posto qui il recap del Q/A di stasera sul PvP

    The team isn't happy with class balance currently on the beta.
    Tuning for characters with maxed out artifacts isn't a priority right now, the priority is tuning for launch.
    Artifacts aren't tuned for PvP as well as they will be eventually.
    There is a PvP multiplier for many spells in Legion, so the team can tune spells individually for PvP without affecting PvE.
    Artifact traits can also be tuned for PvP, independent of PvE.
    Cauterizing Blink has been reduced to be half as effective in PvP.
    Doom Winds is another trait that also has reduced power in PvP.
    Healers were not getting the full stats from their weapons applied to the PvP template, so they were undertuned by almost 30% until recently.
    Earlier in beta, damage in PvP was far too high. Everyone ran in, used their cooldowns, and everyone died.
    As damage is lowered and now that healers are fixed, utility spells should be useful again.

    If you win in PvP, you get some gear. The gear uses the same random upgrade system as PvE gear.
    The team wants to have some unpredictably to keep things exciting, but there will be some bad luck protection so that you don't repeatedly get the same item.
    The system in Legion scales your PvP stat template based on your item level. Everyone will have stats like they are wearing item level 850 to 860 gear depending on their real item level. Gear won't matter in PvP as much.
    Gearing up for PvE with PvP gear will still be possible. The gear isn't quite as good for PvE as the PvP gear you get in Warlords.
    Honor and Conquest are going away in Legion and will be converted to gold.
    Strongboxes will reward Marks of Honor, which can be used to purchase all of the older PvP gear.

    Rewards and Rated Content
    The average player will be motivated to do rated PvP for gear and increasing their honor level.
    Every time you do a rated bracket you get double the honor for your first win of the day.
    Rated content offers double the honor of unrated content.
    Rated content offers a higher upgrade chance for the PvP gear you get from a win. The higher rated you are, the higher chance you have to get an upgrade.

    PvP Seasons
    Seasons will be tied to raid tiers due to how new content is produced and released.
    PvP seasons would benefit from being a little shorter than raid tiers. Players enjoy the start of the season and gearing up, as well as the end of the season fighting to get their title.
    Legion doubles the number of seasons, so halfway through a raid tier a season will end and a new tier will start.
    Seasons will last roughly 10 to 15 weeks.

    World PvP
    Honor talents do activate in all PvP situations. If you hit another player or are hit by another player, they activate.
    PvP stat templates do not activate out in the world.
    Honor talents can be tuned so that they don't give you a large advantage in PvE so that you don't have an incentive to have someone constantly hit you for the talents.
    The team will look at having PvP stat templates activate for duels.

    There is character customization through Honor Talents.
    Secondary stats for some specs are problematic, with things like Mastery creating too much burst sometimes.
    The team doesn't want to introduce complexity into the system by letting players tune their stats.
    They could create Honor Talents that influence your PvP stat template if that is a popular desire.

    PvP Balance and Talents
    The team will hopefully be able to make balance changes more often so that a spec isn't underperforming or overperforming for a long time.
    The team wanted compelling rewards from the honor system. For a reward to feel good when you get it, it will feel bad when you don't have it. The compelling rewards generally are player power.
    The team included an honor talent in each row for the first 10 honor levels and you can get to honor level 10 very quickly. This should help players come up to full power quickly, with the other talents offering additional customization later as you earn more honor.
    PvP talents will be reviewed on an ongoing basis to fix underpowered ones or change out talents that no one is using.
    Honor Level / PvP talents are not reset each season. Every season adds more Prestige levels.
    The first season has 4 Prestige levels and the next will add more.

    Arenas and Battlegrounds
    In Warlords, a lot of the PvP focus has been on Ashran. Hardcore arena players may not have liked it but there were people that enjoyed Ashran.
    In Legion, lots of PvP dev time was spent on the new honor system and changes.
    Two new arenas are coming in Legion and one old arena may be getting a facelift.
    The team hasn't been doing a great job with battlegrounds. There are lots of battlegrounds already, so if they add new ones, maybe they will have to cycle out some old ones.
    The team is talking about how to make more battlegrounds and release them more regularly.

    There is a group of people that has a full time job of reviewing player actions and punishing cheaters.
    The team is reviewing their policies about repeat offenders right now, do we want to allow repeat offenders to stay in the game.
    Kick botting is a challenge. Interrupts aren't on the GCD, so you can cast them at any time. The team considered putting back the GCD but it didn't feel good.
    The team cares about the cheating problem and they are working on solving it.

    Removing Engineering toys from unrated battlegrounds was an oversight. The team will look at it and see if it is possible to bring them back.
    The Honor Level is being used as a gauge of experience. A few weeks after launch, if you are below honor level 10 and prestige level 0, you will be placed in a different bucket from everyone else for random battlegrounds.
    The team wants players that are tanks to be able to go and have fun in PvP, but not at the expense of everyone else.
    In Legion, you have to select your role before you queue. You can't bring 2 healers or 2 tanks into 3v3 arenas anymore.
    If you are a tank and want to go and do arenas with your friends, you can be very good and have fun. The team doesn't want tanks to be the preferred spec at top level PvP.
    It makes a lot of sense to bring a tank to rated battlegrounds, either as a flag carrier or front line target caller.
    World PvP zones were designed to exist during their expansion, maybe stick around a little longer, but that is it.
    The team understands the nostalgia for the older World PvP and is talking about things they can do.
    Maybe there could be an occasional Wintergrasp event or something to make use of the old zones.
    There are a few free-for-all PvP zones out in the world in Legion. You can turn into a Murloc, tame and mount animals for mounted PvP, as well as the Black Rook Hold arena out in the world, fighting each other to earn points.
    There are also World PvP quests.
    The team has to be very careful about changing any of the older battlegrounds. Rocks and trees not blocking line of sight in Warsong is weird and is something the team can look at.
    The older battlegrounds could get a visual update, but they don't want to change up the layouts. Taking the gameplay and making a new map would be a better solution.
    The systems in place in this expansion delivery on class fantasy, but there has been some mobility power creep. If a class is very mobile and has a lot of damage uptime, they may need a damage reduction.
    There are certain spells with a teleport that offer a lot more power in PvP than they do in PvE. The damage on these spells may be massively reduced, as the main benefit is a teleport.
    High mobility necessitates lower damage to maintain balance.
    The Arena Master is becoming a Legacy achievement in Legion. It would be wrong to just remove the 5v5 requirement, as players actually earned it in the past. A replacement achievement and title is possible.
    5v5 was removed as it was very unpopular. Less people do 5v5 than mythic raiding.
    The team isn't trying to drive everyone to rated PvP. It is better when more people are participating in rated PvP, giving players somewhere to go when they care about winning a little bit more.
    It is fine if someone just wants to do random battlegrounds or skirmishes. Almost everything being done in Legion will benefit them too.
    Making spells unable to be dispelled is a tool the team has used in the past to balance classes.
    Prestige level starts at 0
    Honor level goes from 1 to 50, when you hit 50.
    First? prestige level is a battlepet that follows you around and tells everyone how awesome you are.
    Second? level is a quest line that gives you another artifact appearance.
    Third? level is a Corsair mount and title.
    Fourth? level is a pennant like the ones from arenas, but a faction skin.
    Cross-Faction groups for random battlegrounds is not likely to happen. Faction lines are too important to ignore.
    The team doesn't want the game to just matter every few minutes when burst is up. Healer mana should matter.

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