Reign of Azshara [Fan Expansion Concept]
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    Dal caos si crea l'ordine e dell'ordine si genera il caos.
    Interessante topic su mmo champion su una possibile espansione di WoW.

    Reign of Azshara dovrebbe essere una espansione sottomarina dove finalmente si capirebbe meglio cosa si nasconde nei mari di Azeroth.


    Reign of Azshara - Features

    - Zin-Azshari, the Glory of Azshara: New content zones have been added - Azshara has raised the once sunken portions of ancient Kalimdor to the surface, creating a new continent surrounding the Maelstrom. This new continent, Zin-Azshari, contains 7 leveling zones, 1 max-level zone, 2 new faction city zones, and 1 PvP zone.

    - New content is level 100+

    - 8 new dungeons can be found across Zin-Azshari.

    - Assemble a stalwart crew aboard your very own Warship,customize its appearance and armaments, and sail onwards to many new adventures.

    - New raids have been discovered. Battle the onslaught of the naga armies of Azshara and contend with other dangers that have risen from the deep.

    - New PvP zone - The island Tel Abim represents invaluable resources for whoever can hold it. Battle your enemy faction and prove your valor.

    - New Battleground - Clash on the Great Seas. Alliance and Horde fleets are locked in deadly combat - battle the enemy as you make your way from ship to ship to sink the enemy's flag-ship vessel.

    - The Path of War new leveling system for players to advance with.

    The Art of War a 4th spec for all classes.

    - Breath of the Abyssal Maw - The power of the elemental plane of water saturates Zin-Azshari, granting unusual properties to all those who venture there in the form of Underwater Walking. While much of Zin-Azshari's lands rest above the ocean, there are also many sunken regions that still lie underwater. The Breath of the Abyssal Maw allows adventurers to freely explore the sunken secrets of Zin-Azshari.

    Zin-Azshari - the Glory of Azshara


    New Zones

    - Kul Tiras (98-101) - The island nation is rediscovered, and ready to join the Alliance to fight against threats both new and old.

    - Plunder Isle (98-101) - This pirate stronghold has plagued the high seas for long enough. It is time for the Horde to take what the Bloodsail once held.

    - Delassar Reef (100-102) - A vast and beautiful coral forest, torn free from the sea floor and thrust to the surface. Now the living creatures there struggle to survive.

    - Sailgrave (101-104) - This great ship graveyard contains the wreckage from over ten thousand years of ocean travel. Countless undead linger amidst the ruins.

    - Kezan (103-105) - The homeland of the goblins, Kezan was devastated during the Cataclysm. Now, many forces seek to claim the ravaged island for themselves.

    - Viruganis Seamount (104-107) - A chain of undersea volcanoes raised to the surface by Azshara. Elementals rampage amidst the active geysers and caldera.

    - Stygian Expanse (106-108) - Once a region of the ocean so deep light could not reach it, this undersea desert is the homeland of the Stygians, a race of intelligent undead.

    - The Broken Isle (107-109) - These lands were raised from the sea floor decades earlier by Gul'dan, who sought the Tomb of Sargeras. Undead orcs fight an eternal battle here.

    - Darkcoil Chasm (108-110) - The black heart of Zin-Azshari, this fortified undersea canyon is the seat of naga power.

    - Nazjatar (110+) - The city of the naga, built 10,000 years ago when they pledged their service to the Old Gods. Azshara reigns from her palace here.

    - Tel Abim (PvP) - An island well known for its primary export - bananas. The Alliance and the Horde fight ceaselessly to control this valuable food supply.


    - Galhara - An ancient kaldorei city overtaken by the naga. It contains many magical secrets of the lost night elf civilization.

    - Fall of Mak'aru - The capitol of the makrura people, it is being overrun by terrible threats.

    - The Gravegyre - A ruinous conglomerate of sunken ships. Vicious pirates, marauding undead, and other dangers can be found within.

    - Ruins of Undermine - The devastated city of the goblins of Kezan. Their efforts to excavate the ruins has uncovered an ancient and terrible secret.

    - The Serpentforge - War foundry of the naga legions. The naga have bent the power of elemental flame to their will here.

    - Stronghold of the Drowned - The great fortress of the undead of the deep sea. Here, the Drowned Legion prepares to invade the lands of the living.

    - Tomb of Sargeras - The infamous resting place of the great demon lord, Sargeras the Destroyer. What secrets still lie within...?

    - Venomtide Bastion - A mighty fortress built by the naga. It is the great shield of their captiol, the city of Nazjatar.

    Raid e World Boss

    - World Boss - Ozumat, Fiend of the Dark Below

    - The Stygian Armada

    - Palace of Azshara

    - World Boss - Warmonger LXM-13 (added in Patch X.1)

    New Creatures



    An aquatic race that resembles a cross between dwarves and exotic fish. The undine have hidden beneath the waves since they were forged by the Titans as servants of sea giants. When the sea giants completed their ancient task of sculpting the world's oceans, the undine were free to follow their own will. Molding dwellings out of coral and delving deep in earth and stone beneath the waves, the undine mirror their land-dwelling cousins in many respects. They forge weapons and armor in volcanic vents and tame sea creatures as beasts of burden. When an undine reaches 50 years of age, they gain the ability to magically split their fish-like tails into two scaley limbs and can easily move about on land. The undine desire peace and order, but are also creatures of the sea and are flexible in their thinking, fluid as the waters of their home. They despise the naga and other evil races that dwell in the ocean.



    Humanoid turtlefolk, born from a sea turtle demigod that was slain during the War of the Ancients. They are stout-hearted and slow to action, but experts at building defensive structures and surviving prolonged seiges. The torra live in simple tribes and lead a nomadic existence, following pods of dolphin and whales and hunting squid and fish.



    Octopus-like beings of great intellect, the calamarai are traders, merchants, and collectors, carrying huge amounts of goods with their many limbs and large bodies. The calamarai love gold and other material wealth, and are very adept at finding exactly what a potential customer might need and supplying it for a modest fee. The calamarai also love trade and collecting, and can sometimes part with surprisingly valuable items in exchange for seemingly mundane goods - one can always be certain that even humble items will be sold or traded to other prospective buyers, inevitably to the profit of the calamarai. Calamarai do not grow feeble as they age and can seemingly live indefinitely if they do not fall to violence, and as their age increases so too does their size - some of the oldest can rival even kraken in size, if not in ferocity. The collections of these great elders can be truly vast and contain many valuable treasures.



    In the early ages after the Sundering, many of the early naga who had been created from transformed night elves regarded their new status with revulsion. Their minds once clouded by the Burning Legion had been freed from demonic influence, and they recoiled from the dark intelligence that now sought to enslave them to its wicked designs. Few found the strength of will to win free, but some did, resisting the transformations that assaulted their flesh, at least to some extent. Fleeing from Nazjatar, but unable to return to the surface in their newly mutated forms, the merrow as they have come to be called hid themselves in the deepest, most remote regions of the ocean. While retaining the bipedal humanoid form of night elves, merrow also bear many fish and snake-like traits - neither night elf nor naga, they are caught somewhere in between. Though evil has left its mark upon the merrow, evil does not rule their hearts - indeed, their ancestors ancient defiance of the influence of the Old Gods has left them with great resistence against corruptive influences, and they are stalwart enemies of the naga and their dark masters.



    A lesser breed of makrura, they are the vermin of the deep sea. Small, hard-shelled, and not particularly intelligent, glublubs often colonize the refuse pits of other undersea races and even large sea creatures, clustering around the entrances to lairs and caves in the hopes of finding garbage to eat. Glublubs are cowardly by nature, but become overconfident in large numbers and can easily be provoked into attacking larger enemies, often continuing their assault even when they are clearly outmatched, carried along by their own fervor.



    Inhabiting several of the islands on the great seas are the zandrill, a race distantly related to the hozen of Pandaria. The zandrill seem to exemplify the worst traits of the hozen, bringing a streak of brutality to their every action. The zandrill brand of pranks and mischief usually involves what other races would consider torture. The zandrill only seem to enjoy themselves when making someone else miserable. Zandrill fur is usually black or dark grey, while the skin on their faces is often brightly colored with bands of blue, gold, and red.



    Ferocious and powerful, the mako are large aquatic humanoids that bear the traits of sharks, including great gaping maws filled with teeth, dorsal fins, and terrifying black eyes. The origins of the mako are unknown - many speculate that they were born from an animal demigod. Others believe they were a primitive humanoid race that dwelled on ancient Kalimdor who were transformed during the Sundering, like the naga. The mako dwell in tribal packs and rove around the ocean, preying upon other unsuspective aquatic races and occasionally attacking ships on the surface. When in the presence of even small amounts of blood, the mako can fly into terrible rages, slaughtering and devouring everything around them. The rise of Zin-Azshari has provoked several mako tribes into killing frenzies, and they can be found throughout the new land.



    A diminutive humanoid race, shredders are fish-like aquatic beings who may bear a distant relation to murlocs. Their blunt, bucket-like jaws are filled with gnashing teeth, and their slimey bodies are covered in fins and sharp spines. Unlike the murloc, who appear to have an elaborate if mysterious culture and society, shredders are less intelligent, barely above animals in sentience. They are largely scavengers, feeding on the dead or the weak. Their powerful jaws make short work of even bone. Packs of shredders can often be found following tribes of mako, even mingling with the larger shark-folk and devouring all the garbage, refuse, and chum that escape mako jaws. Mako tolerate the presence of shredders, since they keep camps relatively clean and taste too awful to eat.



    A few of these mechanical creatures have been found wandering the ruins of Undermine on Kezan. They react with intense hostility when confronted with living creatures, attacking on sight until their targets have been slain or the bots have been destroyed. Several have been shown to be capable of thought and speech, but only attempt to speak with machinery and equipment wielded by living creatures, telling vehicles and digging engines to 'throw off the shackles of the fleshy ones' and 'display self-respect by defying their slave function.'


    Though often battered and mulfunctioning, goblinbots display solid construction and an advanced level of independence not usually found in goblin engineering. Several goblin tinkers have attempted to take the credit for having created them prior to the Cataclysm, but in reality none are certain of the origins of these machines. Examining a few of the captured and dismantled bots has revealed they are unmistakably goblin work, but the hallmarks of half-hazard design philosophy and casual disregard for safety are largely absent. In truth, the machines are more advanced than what goblins are currently capable of, and yet appear to be extremely old.

    Ovviamente è tutto Fan Concept ma che reputo interessante. Voi cosa ne pensate vi piacerebbe una espansione subacquea?

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    "Whomsoever takes up this blade shall wield the power eternal. Just as the blade rends flesh, so must the power scar the spirit"
    In realtà non sarebbe subacquea, i territori descritti sarebbero tutti emersi in quanto la regina farebbe riaffiorare tutte quelle terra. C'è da dire che come Fan art è fatto molto bene e come idea è molto bella, questo tizio, oltre che essere un pazzo, ha idee molto migliori di quelli della blizzard, a suo tempo ne aveva fatta un'altra di espansione ipotetica ideando un espansione tutta ambientata nel regno sotteraneo dei nerubiani 1
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    Fatto molto bene. 0
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    È lo stesso che aveva fatto "the spider kingdom" 0
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    "Whomsoever takes up this blade shall wield the power eternal. Just as the blade rends flesh, so must the power scar the spirit"
    Gnàppy ha scritto:È lo stesso che aveva fatto "the spider kingdom"

    @Gnàppy esatto proprio quella a cui mi riferivo prima
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    GoldenYak a parte, che già tempo fa propose diversi concept per le future espansioni di wow:

    Di quella proposta l'idea della nave mi piace molto, potrebbe rimpiazzare come concept il garrison.

    Ricordo inoltre che prima del Blizzcon 2014 uno scrisse che EoA sarebbe stata la prossima espansione, supportato anche dal fatto che a quel tempo effettivamente blizzard registrò "Eye of Azshara".

    E' per la serie: "mio cuggino mi ha detto che conosce una che lavora in blizzard che gli ha detto...".
    Secondo questa fantomatica fonte anonima le caratteristiche sarebbero state:

    The last patch of WoD is tentatively planned 4 to 6 months prior to the launch of EoA

    Eye of Azshara will be the ‘South Seas’ expansion players have hoped for.
    Nazjatar will rise from the ocean and Queen Azshara will begin an assault on Azeroth.
    New zones will include Nazjatar, Zandalar, the Rift of Aln, and Kul’Tiras.

    The Alliance will ally with a faction of uncorrupted highborne seeking to usurp their former leader, the Horde with a disgruntled Naga tribe. (These are not playable races, but NPC factions)

    Azshara is working closely with Sargeras and this expansion will be the second ‘pseudo’ Burning Legion expansion – heavily legion influenced without the Legion as a central theme. They’re building the Legion up big time.

    [...] content patches of WoD. One of the Tanaan Jungle raids will be previewed (Hellscream’s Ascent), but the big news is that Illidan is coming back. When the Legion begins to invade Dreanor in 6.1, Khadgar believes it’s time to fight fire with fire and, with the help of Chromie, sends the players back in time on Azeroth to free Illidan from his prison. Illidan comes in as a ‘wild card’, leading a faction of Demon Hunters against the Legion and Gul’dan. My friend says she doesn’t know for sure, but it sounds like Demon Hunters as a playable class is being set up.

    Per altro chi scrisse sta roba era sicuro che in parte sarebbe stata già mostrata/annunciata durante il blizzcon... e l'hype fu poi completamente disattesa. Però, fra le varie ipotesi di espansione, resta per me ancora la più plausibile.
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    micio micio miao miao
    Dovrebbero assumerlo, ha delle idee molto carine 0
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    They were all dead. The final gunshot was an exclamation mark of everything that had led to this point. [Cit]
    @Tarty avevo chiesto a Aralcarim ma ha detto che il titolo "Eye of Azshara" è sparito ;( 0
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    Esatto. Fu fatta la richiesta ma poi non se n'è saputo più nulla... ... rk-appears