perchè il mage arcane è la migliore spec
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    stanno trovando come sbloccarlo: ... eapon-clue ... f=2&t=2595
    The Woolomancer's Charge unlocks a sheep appearance for the Arcane Mage artifact. There is a thread on the forum where players continue the search.

    There are different mobs in the Broken Isle zones you can do a one time polymorph on:
    Zone Targets Polymorphed: Azsuna - Cliffwing Hippogryph
    Zone Targets Polymorphed: Highmountain - Highpeak Goat
    Zone Targets Polymorphed: Stormheim - Plains Runehorn Calf
    Zone Targets Polymorphed: Suramar - Heartwood Doe
    Zone Targets Polymorphed: Val'sharah - Wild Dreamrunner
    There is a Sheep Summon Daily Roll quest that we aren't sure how to trigger yet.
    There is a Cote "Shepherd" Metcalf NPC that hasn't been located yet. He will be required for the daily attempt to unlock the appearance.
    Other related database entries:
    There is a Summoned Sheep Exploded and Stormheim Sheep Exploded quest.
    These quests are completed by Exploding Sheep and Exploding Sheep and then trigger a new dialogue.
    There are Summon Volatile Sheep and Inconceivably Volatile Polymorph spells