PATCH 7.2.5 - PTR LIVE - Tutte le novità!
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    "Whomsoever takes up this blade shall wield the power eternal. Just as the blade rends flesh, so must the power scar the spirit"
    È stata attivata la patch 7.2.5 sul PTR e ci sono i primi cambiamenti documentati:

    • Timewalking Raid - Black Temple
    • Pet Battle Dungeons - Gnomeregan and Deadmines
    • New Holidays
      • Trial of Style - Several players enter a scenario, use the barber's chair to change their outfit to match a theem, and vote for the best. New Mog Coin currency.
      • Auction House Dance Studio - The long awaited Dance Studio is finally here
      • Moonkin Festival - Moonkin in Moonglade. Go visit.
    • Magni wants us to meet him in Sholazar Basin for an urgent message!
    • Several places refer to this as 7.2.5 Prelaunch - Magni Scenario and Azeroth's Warning Scenario.
    • Chromie needs our help in The Deaths of Chromie scenario.
    • Cheese puns - He'll plunder your provolone, turn your ship to swiss, then get your gouda. He's a true muenster and the scourge of the seven bries.
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    Mi piace disegnare, giocare per le ricompense estetiche e leggere il lore :)
    Yeee i moonking <3 0