Patch 6.1 PTR in arrivo (datamine thread)
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    Il PTR di World of Warcraft non è ancora attivo, tuttavia è già presente nell'elenco dei download pubblici Blizzard.
    MMO-Champion ha dataminato la Build 19445.

    Tenete presente che le informazioni derivanti da datamine portano spesso a trarre errate conclusioni o elementi dataminati non è detto saranno inclusi effettivamente nella patch.

    Questo è un riassunto dei cambiamenti più importanti:

    • Misc
      • The new quests in Patch 6.1 take place at the Iron Docks
      • Several new Sunwell battle pets have been added

    • Systems
      • Twitter integration has been added, with suggested Tweets like "I just earned the %s Achievement! #Warcraft" and the ability to tweet screenshots.
      • The Patch 6.1 information splash screen shows what appears to be the Heirloom collections tab
      • New Anti-Aliasing Options - MSAA, SSAA, SSAA + CMAA
      • There is a new account type that has similar restrictions to Starter Edition accounts, called a Veteran Edition account.
      • Boss Kills now show up with a new UI element
      • There is a now some sort of Death Log that shows you how you died
      • You can cancel flightpaths and land at the next Flight Master in your trip
      • Nvidia Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion was added

    • Items

    • Achievements
      • Draenor now has a Loremaster achievement
      • Treasure Maps will be a reward of completing a zone's storylines and garrison missions
      • Darkmoon Faire race achievements have been added

    • New Mounts
      • Chauffeured Mechano-Hog - Why drive yourself around when you can hire someone to do it for you?
      • Chauffeured Mekgineer's Chopper - Transportation is a precise business.
      • Voidtalon of the Dark Star - Born of the void in the presence of the Dark Star.

    • Garrisons

    • Legendary Quest Line - Spoilers
      • You will be able to free Garona from Gul'dan
      • Khadgar uses Orb of Dominion to break Gul'dan's mind control of Garona
      • Cordana comes along for the event
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    Per gli heirlooms 90-100 sento un tanfo tremendo di farm Apexis. 0
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    bel nerf al pala dps complimenti 0
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    Antherion ha scritto:bel nerf al pala dps complimenti

    @Antherion eh?
  • Aralcarim 10 gennaio 2015, 22:17 Aralcarim
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    Nihil credendum nisi prius intellectum.
    Per la cronaca, quasi tutti i class change son tutti fix ai tooltip. In pratica i tooltip rispecchieranno quello che è stato hotfixato nell'ultimo mese 0
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    #6 ... 9342-19445
    & ... 9342-19445

    no moar 2 target :(
    but enjoy aoeing