Legion Developer Q&A - Paul Kubit
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    Dal caos si crea l'ordine e dell'ordine si genera il caos.
    Fonte mmo champion

    ecco a voi il riassunto dell'intervista di ieri presa da mmo champion:

    Profession Gear

    The crafted gear has a limited duration. As more content is added to the game, higher item level loot is added elsewhere.

    Obliterum upgrades help to keep crafted gear relevant.

    Crafted gear is still on the radar, so in future patches the team will try to keep adding things.

    Patch 7.1.5 added some things for Engineering and other professions, new armor may be coming in a future patch.

    Patch 7.2 and beyond will add new recipes to primary and secondary professions.

    Brawler's Guild

    Bosses are set to a fairly static difficulty, increasing as you progress through.

    Early bosses should be approachable for most players, with fights becoming more challenging later on.

    Boss health adjustments based on spec is not something the team did this time. It might diminish the accomplishment of beating the boss.

    The team thought about ways they could bring healers into the Brawler's Guild, so maybe they could do something in the future, but the Brawler's Guild is about fighting!

    There aren't any plans to add additional bosses in this expansion, but it isn't out of the question.
    Almost every idea makes it into Brawler's Guild.

    A Mario themed fight was started and never finished, as was a Mega Man fight.


    The team is talking about increasing the item level on Timewalking gear.

    Scholomance probably won't make it to Mists of Pandaria timewalking. MoP timewalking is about the dungeons found in Pandaria.

    In the future the team might be able to do Vanilla timewalking, but there are no plans to do it right now.

    The Vanilla dungeons don't hold up to current dungeon design standards, which is why they didn't start with Vanilla timewalking. They don't feel challenging and aren't tuned for max-level players.

    Timewalking is designed to cover content from two expansions ago and earlier.

    Timewalking raids are probably coming at some point. It is a safe bet.

    Engineering Goggles

    The new engineering goggles are the highest tier crafted items right now.

    The goggles are more powerful, so they take more to craft and have random stats.

    You can farm or buy Hardened Felglass.

    The googles are BoE, so you can sell them to someone else if you don't get the stats you want.


    The cost of gathered materials comes from the time it takes to collect them.

    Materials are more expensive in this expansion because you actually have to go and gather, rather than using your garrison.

    Professions can change a lot between expansions, it is a place to experiment.

    Talent Tomes

    Talent tomes cost a little bit too much right now. This is largely due to the cost of the materials that goes into them.

    In the near future the team will look at ways to adjust costs of things that are too expensive, including talent tomes.


    The cost of unlocking the forge worked out pretty well.

    Players had to interact with each other to make the armor pieces to unlock the forge.

    It is very likely that the cost of unlocking the forge will be reduced in a future patch.


    Making skinnable mobs multi-tap is still something the team wants to do.

    Crafting Material Costs

    The team has been cracking down on bots, which also contributes to the cost increase of gathered materials.

    Taking raw materials and using them to make something doesn't have much of a time commitment for the most part, so the profit margins are slim.


    The rewards from these holidays aren't really collectable items because of their short duration.
    Extra experience from a leveling micro-holiday is a cool idea.

    Call of the Scarab is a region wide faction competition, not realm-wide. It also rewards a good amount of experience.


    As the team was building out Legion professions, they wanted to have content for all of them.
    For all of the primary professions, it ended up being quest lines.

    For the secondary professions, the team didn't want to overwhelm you with quest lines.

    Archaeology got a time gated quest line, Fishing got an Artifact fishing pole, First Aid got items that drop out in the world.

    Cooking had a progression in Warlords with work orders. Cooking felt like a way that the team could flavorfuly incorporate work orders.

    The randomness with Nomi is probably a little bit too random. You can give him a certain material and he will give you recipes that use that material.

    Nomi is learning, with every patch he becomes more efficient. In Patch 7.1.5 the chance to get recipes has gone up significantly.

    Rank 3 Recipes

    When the team was designing the profession recipes system, it was a blank slate.

    The rarity of recipes could be anything from a guaranteed drop to super rare. The team started by making them rare, as it is easier to make them more common in the future if needed.

    The Rank 3 shoulder recipes were added to a fairly challenging part of the game, making them more rare.

    It isn't breaking the game to have some RNG on the Rank 3 recipes, you can still make the items.
    In the case where it does feel bad, such as gathering, adjustments can be made.

    There isn't a lot of profit margin in crafting, but having the Rank 3 recipes help to give players a little more profit.

    The team can increase the chance to get the Rank 3 recipes at the end of the expansion.


    There isn't as much of a reason to go on an endless grind now with how archaeology works. This was intentional.

    There are less projects you can solve so that you don't get down to the last one and feel like it takes forever to get.

    There are plans to make archaeology better in Patch 7.2!

    Patch 7.2

    Patch 7.2 should be coming to the PTR pretty soon.

    Profession Dungeon Requirements

    While the team was building the profession quest lines they leaned on dungeons because they could scale. At this point in development the world scaling tech didn't exist.

    Removing dungeon requirements for professions isn't going to happen, but it could probably be less dungeon heavy in the future.

    Gathering Professions

    The team talks about making gathering professions separate each expansion, but it hasn't happened yet.

    They could add a third profession slot that is gathering only.

    Some of the people asking for another profession slot just want something new, but don't want to get rid of their existing professions.

    Random Secondary Stats

    There won't be an item to allow players to reroll secondary stats on crafted items.

    If you want different stats, make another item.

    This was taken into account when setting costs for crafting items, so they are a little bit cheaper.

    Artifacts and Weapon Crafting

    With Artifacts, professions that could craft weapons in the past no longer had this choice.

    The team tried to replace these weapon choices with crafted relics. It didn't completely fill the fantasy of a weaponsmith.

    The team will look at the quality of the crafted relics and maybe add some more crafted things.

    Weekly Events

    Separating Timewalking from the other events is something not planned right now.

    The team might remove less relevant events in the future.

    Keeping Timewalking rare helps to make it special.


    Maybe there will be a New Year's Eve micro-holiday in the future, but it doesn't feel like the other micro-holidays.

    Right now the micro-holidays that are being added are Azerothian holidays rather than analogues to real world holidays.


    Reaves having a bank access is something the team looked at. It was considered for Patch 7.1.5 but didn't get put in.

    The team wants to save some things for later. If Reaves is the best thing right away there would be nothing left to add.